How to get rid of pests yourself

Before beginning your treatment it’s crucial you know all of the popular hiding locations of bed bugs, roaches, fleas, ticks, mites, etc. Be sure to follow the pre-requisite of this treatment procedures where do these bugs hide, so you will know where to focus treatments.

In this guide we will be focusing using a lab tested residual bug treatment as this will allow you to get rid of bed bugs permanently as it will kill the bed bugs as well as prevent re-infestation with proper re-treatments.

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Overview of treatment process

  1. Heat treatment in common bed bug colony locations (Optional)
  2. Preparing your residual bed bug spray for use
  3. How to kill bed bugs on bed
  4. How to treat bed bugs in your home
  5. How do you get rid of bed bugs in your laundry
  6. Clean and De-clutter home
  7. How to get rid of bed bugs permanently

Products Discussed In These Procedures

A residual bed bug spray kills on contact, but more importantly can keep killing pests and reach nesting and cluster areas. Here is Marcus Hardin, a happy customer of Green Bean Buddy who left  us this review on Facebook. He sprayed the residual formula into a dish for a test overnight. Within a day he found bed bugs, roaches, fleas, and ticks that walked thru the dish all dead. “No More Pests!”

1. Heat treatment (Optional)

A completely optional pre-treatment that works well is using a specialized bed bug steamer. You will simply use water in your steamer, plug it in, then wait about 5 minutes to allow the handheld steamer to heat the water over 230°F creating steam to be released when activating the trigger.

The steamer is aimed at bedding and other bed bug locations which bed bugs hide, due to the immense heat from steam, the bed bugs die immediately.

You would treat all the areas found from your inspection and is a fantastic pre-treatment before using a residual bed bug treatment which kills any remaining bed bugs and prevents from future infestations.

handheld bed bug steamer

2. Preparing your bed bug residual spray

The Green Bean Buddy, bug killer was formulated to be ready to use and simple to implement. Due to the unique residual formulation it’s imperative you give it a good shaking before treating to mix the formula.

Here are basic, yet important steps before use due to the natural formulation.

  • No mixing… it’s ready to use
  • Shake vigorously before each use
  • Aim and spray in popular bed bug hiding locations and around home

Now let’s get to treating specific locations of your property now that your Green Bean Buddy, bug killer is ready to be used.

3. How to kill bed bugs on bed

Begin treating your bed with Green Bean Buddy, bug killer by spot treating locations, not drenching the area as this allows you to use the product later on for re-treatment and prevention.

Pre-requisite before treating your bedding.

  • Remove pillow cases and sheets
  • Place pillows cases and sheets into tightly duct tape sealed garbage bags
  • Remove mattress protectors and encasements (Many people miss this step!)
  • Place mattress protectors and encasements in sealed garbage bags
  • Sealed linens and encasements will be washed later with special bed bug detergent

Begin spot treatment of your bed and box spring.

  1. Spot treat on surface of bare mattress
  2. Spot treat between tufts and folds of matttress
  3. Pickup mattress and treat on underside
  4. Spot treat around head board
  5. Spot treat around box spring
  6. Remove air screens and spot treat box spring (if possible)
  7. Don’t forget… be sure encasements are removed while treating!
Lastly, to protect yourself from re-infestation back into your bed. Consider spot treating around the bedding area on the floor and walls. This will allow the residual to settle and kill and prevent bed bugs from re-infesting the bedding.
Do remember to re-treat these areas initially every 7 to 14 days just incase.

Expanding treatment beyond the bed into the bedroom

Our next objective is all the prone locations where bed bugs colonize in your bedroom. Remember, the infestation usually never is confined to just your bed.

Lets spot treat the room just in case, below is a visual spot treatment guide you will want to spray your residual bed bug spray on and around.

bedbug hiding spots in bedroom
Where bed bug hide in your bedroom

4. How to treat bed bugs in your home

A bed bug infestation is likely to migrate into the living room and within your couches which you likely sit on. This is because these pest will follow you as you are the food source unfortunately.

Don’t worry the below steps will ensure the bed bug residual spray will kill the bed bugs and protect your furniture and couches from re-infestation. Just remember to spot treat so you have product available for re-treatment. 

In other words… don’t drench the areas. Simply spot-treat! Below are areas you will want to treat.

  • Spot treat all locations in living room image below
  • Remove rugs, pillows, sheets & linens on furniture and treat
  • Place rugs, pillows, sheets, & linens in sealed garbage bags
  • Spot treat a barrier around living area on windows, doorways, and entrances
Where bed bug hide in your home

Treat bed bugs in your home checklist

  • Couches and pillows (remove pillow cases)
  • Lift couch pillows and treat
  • Pickup couch and treat bottom (remove air-screens and treat)
  • Picture frames on counters and walls
  • Lamps
  • Light outlets 
  • Carpet can be spot treated
  • Rugs can be removed, washed and spot treated 

Creating a barrier: After treating the living room be sure to spot treat and create a barrier around your living areas. This is extremely helpful in quarantining your property.

5. How to get rid of bed bugs in your laundry

A large part of re-infestation comes from the pest eggs or nymphs that are hidden in your laundry and linens. Then after a few weeks these nymphs and eggs grow and begin the re-production cycle all over again.

To avoid re-infestation and to ensure your laundry is not the cause of the re-infestation. Green Bean Buddy, Hypo Allergenic detergent is formulated for the purpose to get rid of dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, roaches and other pests within linens that normal detergents will not be able to kill these pests.

By following the procedures above, you should have your linens, encasements, sheets, etc all sealed in garbage bags with duct tape. This prevents these bed bugs scattering into the other areas of the room.

Take these sealed garbage bags and place them into your laundry and wash them preferably a special hypo allergenic bed bug detergent.

This is an highly effective detergent that was formulated for resorts and nursing homes with hyper sensitive guests. The formulation destroys all pests including bed bugs and dust mites and gets rid of danders that causing irritation. A powerful yet delicate detergent for properties infested with bed bugs, fleas, ticks, or dust mites.

Bed bug detergent
Detergent for bed bug infested linens and laundry

6. Clean and de-clutter home

Now that you treated your entire property. It’s time to de-clutter and get the home back in working order.

  • Get rid of clutter to reduce places bed bugs can hide. 
  • Disinfect counters and eating areas with Green Bean Buddy, all purpose cleaner
  • Place non-essential belongings into storage until the bed bugs are gone from your home.
  • Wipe off dead bed bugs, blood stains, eggs, and droppings
  • Vacuum carpets, floors, bed frames, furniture, cracks and crevices daily
  • Empty the vacuum or seal and dispose of it’s bag outside of your home after each use.

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7. How to get rid of bed bugs permanently

Re-treatment is recommended until the infestation is gone.

Depending on the size of the infestation, usually the larger and longer you have had an infestation. A more continuous re-treatment cycle is recommended until you are no longer getting any bites.

This is because re-infestations can re-occur from many external sources such as: next-door neighbors, garbage, old furniture in the street, used clothing, doctors offices, city transportation (buses & taxi cabs), hotels, airplanes and guests simply stopping in for a chat.

We would recommend considering a re-treatment cycle that works for you and your family.

Below is our recommendation for an effective re-treatment cycle after your 1st treatment.

  • 1st Week: Daily spot treatments around entire bedroom & home
  • 2nd Week: 3 spot treatments spread evenly through out week
  • 3rd Week: 2 spot treatments spread evenly through out week
  • 4th Week: 1 or 2 spot treatments spread evenly through out week
  • 5th Week: Re-treatment every 30 days until infestation gone

To assist with any re-treatment, on the next page you will be given a private discount for your next order to help you get rid of your infestation entirely.

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