What Do Lice Feel Like

It can be a struggle to know if you have head lice or not. We created this guide to help you know what it feels like if you have head lice.

Since it is impossible for us to check our own scalp, it is important to have someone do it for you and follow these steps on how to check for lice

Children are the often carriers and victims of head lice. We recommend you to use a homeopathic alternative that is child safe and made of natural ingredients. 

Let’s know what it feels like when you have head lice

Lice or Dandruff

Lice and dandruff is often confusing. The creators of Lice Mist created a detailed guide for you know what do lice look like to avoid confusion. This guide will show you how a lice will look like on different hair color such as blonde hair and brown hair.

Having this guide can easily help you identify whether what you have a is a lice or a dandruff.

What lice feels like

The most common sign of having lice is itching. Though you may not feel the itchiness right away specially if the infestation is light.  You may not feel or notice it up to six weeks from the first day you get lice.

Though itching is also a symptom of having dandruff, it is important to know the difference of having lice from dandruff.

You know you have lice if you feel a moving sensation on your scalp as a result of their movement. You can often feel the tiny bugs crawling around.

On the other hand, dandruff feels like your scalp has become overly dry and flaking which results to itchy feeling. You can also feel clumps of dry skin in your hair.

Other symptoms lice can cause


  •  a tickling feeling of something is moving on your head, hair, or body
  • sores that can develop when scratching your scalp due itches
  • irritability
  • difficulty sleeping
  • red bumps on your head, neck, shoulders, or pubic area
  • the appearance of lice eggs, or small white objects in your hair

How to check for head lice

Now that you have an idea on what lice look like and its difference from dandruff, you should also know how to properly check for head lice.

This guide will guide you through on how to check head lice without missing any spot. Let your friends and family know by sharing this on your favorite social media sites.


How to get rid of head lice

Getting rid of head lice shouldn’t be hard and complicated. Now that you are aware of what lice look like and how to properly check if you have head lice, it is now the right to get rid of it.

Creators of Lice Mist created a detailed guide on how to get rid of head lice. This guide is very helpful in knowing the proper way to get rid of lice.

We recommend you to use a homeopathic alternative that is child-safe, made of natural ingredients and free of pyrethrin.

We suggest that you use Lice Mist that has been proven effective yet gentle enough to use to kids who are the most common carriers of head lice.

Lice Mist

Points to remember when using Lice Mist

  • Mist behind ears and back of neck
  • Expose the scalp and skin
  • Mist scalp and hair using Green Bean Buddy Lice Mist
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes for the Lice Mist to dry
  • Rinse after treatment using Lice Mist Shampoo
  • Towel dry hair so it is slightly damp

To easily remove dead lice and nits, it is best to use a comb that is specially designed to do just that. 

Good thing is that Lice Mist already comes with a nit comb to help you get through this.

Treat home, backpacks, linens, beds and couches

Most people tend to forget that lice can get easily transferred not only in the hair and body but in the home as well. While you or your children sleep in the bed, lice start migrating into the pillows, linens, and beds. Then lice also migrate to popular rest areas like the living room, couches, and other parts of the home.

You may wish to use a residual lice home treatment spray. This way it will kill the lice and other pests as well as prevent from another re-infestation.

Treat linens and laundry with hypo-allergen detergent

Don’t forget there is a risk for the lice to be nesting in the pillows, beds, and linens. Resorts and health facilities have been using Green Bean Buddy hypo-allergenic detergent that is formulated for pests. This is a great laundry replacement and great for hyper-sensitive customers who want a delicate detergent.

Re-treat in 7 to 10 days, just in case

After doing your normal treatment. You will always want to re-treat and do another round of Lice Mist in the hair or body just in case. As the lice can be transmitted from external sources. So it’s always a good practice to re-treat till you feel there is no more risk of lice.

Got any questions? We are here to help!

Comment below if you have any questions regarding head lice and how to treat them and we will be happy to assist you.