How To Treat Home For Lice

Head lice is known to stay in our scalp or hair. But a lot of people is not aware that head lice can transfer from the scalp to your bed, linens, couches and even backpacks.

When treating head lice we always recommend you to use a homeopathic lice mist. You can follow a detailed guide on how to get rid head lice that creators of Lice Mist created.

Treating head lice is one way to stop the lice infestation. It also recommended that you use a residual treatment for your home, bed, linens, clothes and other areas of your house. Lice can scatter to the entire house if left untreated.

Now let’s go to the procedure on how to treat home for lice

Where to start inspection

In case that you don’t have any idea where to start, we created a list of places you need to check when doing the inspection. Having a list is important to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

These locations are the most common places bugs like lice loves to hide:

  • Mattress
  • Boxspring
  • Mattress encasements
  • Pillows and pillow cases
  • Sofa and cushions
  • Recliners and furniture
  • Bed posts and wooden frames
  • Dresser drawers
  • Base boards
  • Electrical wall outlets
  • Window sills
  • Picture frames
Here is what lice look like…

Where to look in your couch and furniture

When a person that has head lice lie on your couch or furniture there is great possibility that the lice from his head will crawl and stay on your couch.

After treating head lice, we recommend that you also treat your house with a residual treatment to make sure that the lice that is hard to see will be killed.

Below is some helpful procedures to follow when inspecting your furniture and couches

  • Start with edges and look along stitched linings
  • Inspect all sides of furniture (top, bottom, and stitches)
  • Pay attention to labels, tags, buttons, and air screens below furniture
  • You may want to remove these air screens during treatment, then re-attach when done

Additional important locations to search within your couch:

A lot of people forget to check the bottom of the couch, which is very important. Below are important locations to check when doing inspections.

  • Zippers of couch
  • Skirting of furniture
  • Fabric seams
  • Crevices under cushions
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Where to look in your mattress

Bedroom would be the closest area a lice can stay. A person with lice can leave the lice on the bed, linens and infect other people.

Pay attention to these areas on your mattress:

  • Remove all sheets and pillows
  • Inspect piping / seam of mattress
  • Inspect mattress seams and stitching
  • Inspect tags, labels, and air screens on your mattress

Stop infestation using heat treatment

Now that you know where to inspection during treatment process, we recommend that you use a heat treatment as a pre-treatment process.

We suggest that you use a handheld steamer that is aimed to use on bedding and other location. Due to extreme heat, lice will immediately killed.



Use residual treatment to avoid re-infestation

As we said before, treating the head lice from the carrier is not enough to stop re-infestation and affect the entire household. 

After doing heat treatment we suggest that you use a residual treatment that will kill not just lice but other kind of bugs as well.

Green Bean Buddy Bug Killer is a kind of bug spray that is made of natural ingredients, safe to use around kids and pests and is  Generally Recognized as Safe ( G.R.A.S) by entomologist.

Tips in preparing your residual treatment spray

Green Bean Buddy Bug Killer was formulated to be ready to use and simple to implement. Due to its natural residual formulation, it is best to give it a few shaking before treating to mix the formula.

Here are basic yet important points to consider when preparing your residual treatment spray

  • No mixing, since it is ready to use
  • Shake vigorously before each use
  • Aim and spray on the locations we mentioned above

Wash clothes, linens, and backpacks

Lice can easily transferred to clothes, linens, scarves and even backpacks that washing this item is very important.

Washing with regular detergent might not kill these lice so we recommend that you use a detergent that can kill lice and other pest and also have residual treatment in it.

We suggest that you use Green Bean Buddy Anti-Allergen Detergent which is a great laundry replacement and great for people who are hyper-sensitive and needs a delicate detergent.

Re-treat in 7 to 10 days, just in case

After doing your normal treatment. You will always want to re-treat and do another round of Lice Mist in the hair or body just in case. As the lice can be transmitted from external sources. So it’s always a good practice to re-treat till you feel there is no more risk of lice.

Got any questions? We are here to help!

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