Bed Bug Spray, Lice, Flea, Tick, Beetle, Mite, and Roach Killer With Residual Protection, 32oz

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+ 100% Effective All In One Pest Control during a (12)month study – Watch Video
+ Proven Through American Academy Entomological (12)month Research Program
+ Kills All States Of Pests Life Cycle adults, nymphs of bed bugs, roaches, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, mites, dust mites, aphids, gnats, and other pests similar to the genetic makeup
+ Dry Residual Protection successful killing agent during the (12) month testing period.
+ No Odor, Safe & Eco-Friendly – Child safe, pet safe, and no staining surface safe
+ No Worry Purchase – It Works & Loved By Customers Watch Video


100% EFFECTIVE BUG KILLER – American Academy of Entomologists field study test confirms Green Bean Buddy has a 100% kill rate of pests within first application for a period of (12) month study period.

PROVEN THROUGH AMERICAN ACADEMY ENTOMOLOGICAL PROGRAM – Field tested by research entomologists in a multi-story government maintained historical museum and multi-room hospitality facility eradicating the pests for a subsequent period of (12) months.

KILLS ALL STAGES OF PESTS & EVEN RESISTANT PESTS – Bio-Engineered naturally derived formula kills adults, nymphs of bed bugs, lice, dust mites, roaches, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, mites, aphids, gnats, and other pests similar to the genetic makeup when used according to label directions.

EXTENDED DRY RESIDUAL PROTECTION – Entomological research study shows Green Bean Buddy residual provided during the field test of multi-story museum and hospitality facility was successful killing agent during the (12) month testing period.

NO ODOR, SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY – Child safe and pet safe BioBased insecticide, safe to use on mattresses, guest rooms, furniture, and most surfaces without worry of staining or harmful odors.

TREATS WHILE YOU SLEEP – Entomological research study shows the dry residual provided during the (12) month field test provides extended protection of pests and bites.

ENHANCED ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY THAT INFUSES WELLNESS – Our Mission is to infuse wellness into your life using ancient remedies discovered by the CEO's research visiting remote cultures around the globe and sharing these natural remedies with you.

Green Bean Buddy™ Bug Killer is an all-in-one pest control product certified by the American Academy of Entomological Sciences (AAES). The naturally formulated bug killer eliminates bed bugs, fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, millipedes, silverfish, carpet beetles, spider mites, aphids, beetles, centipedes, stink bugs, gnats, spiders and prevents future infestations for up to 30 days. This formulation is already being used by numerous hotels, hospitals, resorts, and pest management companies.


1. Hacking Neuro-Transmitters of Pests – This stops the production of octopamine in the bed bug, flea, tick, roach, ant, spider, mite, beetle or any other pest since the genetic make-up is similar. Note humans, animals, pets do no have these receptors.

2. Stop Re-Birth Cycle by Dehydrating Pest – Not only will it kill the pest, it is designed to stop the the re-birth cycle of the female egg layers. A powerful pest control without dangerous pesticides.

3. Creates Barrier To Stop Re-Infestations – The formula contains what the industry calls a “residual”. This means you spot treat and it leaves a residue which kills pests and prevents them from re-infesting your property. They will literally scatter away from formulation.


It is recommended to spot treat areas and not drench the product all at once as you will want to re-treat every 7 to 14 days initially at you will learn from the waterfall effect and panic cycle which occurs during the extermination when using this product.


1. Waterfall Effect – you may see more pests initially this is due to formula bringing the pests out of hiding locations (This is good thing and leads to removing pests in hiding locations you would normally not see)

2. Panic Cycle of The Pest – Pests may feed/bite more initially as they are on their last breath and is instinctive to survive (Continue treatment around your living areas as the residual will keep the pests away and crate a barrier).

3. Death from Dehydration – The formulation is structured to pass on the residual on to other pests and destroy the colony entirely


The easy to use formula works in just 5 – 10 minutes upon first application. Just spray Green Bean Buddy™ Bug Killer, wait, and let settle. Then watch as the harmful bugs either scatter from their hiding locations or die with your first treatment. Pest control management professionals use this exact formula to reduce labor costs and increase extermination success rates.


1. Bedding, Boxspring, Pillows, and Linens – The product is naturally derived using natural oils and can be used on your mattress, box spring, linens, and other fabrics.

2. Living Areas, Furniture, Dressers, Counter Tops – Due to the naturally derived formula you can use the product for roaches on eating surfaces, cabinets, and in your couches and recliners for bed bugs, fleas and ticks.

3. Nooks, Crannies, and Carpets – It is recommended to treat baseboards, electrical outlets, window sills, behind picture frames and other small hiding locations which pests usually nest and hide.


You will notice harmful insects scatter and killed within the first minutes of using the product as per label instructions.

This product has not been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Green Bean Buddy LLC represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.



While in some cases a small infestation would take just one or two treatments. Our clients find that due to larger infestations not known to them at the time or simply other external variables(neighbors, visitors, travel, visiting public locations, etc). It is recommended to re-treat as needed till the infestation is gone entirely or as a simple maintenance protocol to ensure an infestation never occurrs again. Below are guidelines for treatment for infestations larger then expected.

Remember, don’t drench… just spot treat. This will allow you to use your residual spray for a much longer period of time.

1st Week: Daily spot treatments around home, bedrooms, and infested areas

2nd Week: 3 treatments spread evenly though out the week

3rd Week: 2 treatments spread evenly though out the week

4rd Week: 1 or 3 treatments spread evenly though out the week

5th Week: Re-treatment every 30 days is recommend as a prevention method due to external variables(neighbors, visitors, travel, public locations, etc)

We always strive to be upfront and honest to our customers. We accept returns for unopened and unused products. Since this is a consumable item, we do not accept empty or entirely used products. Please be advised returns must be requested within 30 days of your purchase date. You can read our return policy here, to help you understand how we handle returns.

Our primary mission is to help you get rid of this painful insect infestation once and for all.

Additional information

Weight 6.14 lbs
Dimensions 12.3 × 7 × 9.5 in


68 reviews for Bed Bug Spray, Lice, Flea, Tick, Beetle, Mite, and Roach Killer With Residual Protection, 32oz

  1. Shelly Hall

    I will testify that this stuff really works. We’ve been fighting bedbugs for over 2 years now with strong chemicals from Feed Store at $20/gallon..that adds up to a lot of money. After using one gallon on the 1st treatment there were just a few found. Second treatment in 7 days and now we are bed bug FREE!

  2. Mark Wagner

    I’ve been a licensed pest control technician with my own business since 1983 and worked for Terminix and Orkin before that so I think I’m qualified to simply say IT WORKS !!!

  3. Anne Stanley

    This is an update to my original post. These creatures from hell are really hard to get rid of. While I waited for my second order to arrive the hellish bed bugs regrouped and reappeared again.

    I’ve been spraying the bed over and over and my husband sprays again when he comes home from work after midnight. After almost 2 weeks of spraying and one week inbetween the two weeks while we waited for delivery of more GreenBeanBuddy these bugs from hell kept alive and breeding.

    Now I’ve been spraying again, husband too, and we’re to the point of only seeing one bug each time we have both sprayed. So I’m wondering why the residual isn’t working?

    We’re at the point we’re ready to get rid of the bed and it’s one of those Sleep Number Beds so it was an expensive bed to purchase a few years ago. It has foam inside, an air baffle, and a cover that can be removed and washed if necessary. It also has a pump for the air baffle and I wonder if the hellish beasts are in the foam.

    We decided to keep spraying till the weekend when my husband is off work and if we’re still seeing these little hell bugs we may decide to take the mattress outside FAR AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE and then take apart the bed to see if these unwanted squatters have gotten inside the mattress to infect the foam, the baffle or even the pump.

    This is not an easy fight by any means. We’ve been at this now for about 3 weeks and the fight is getting old. Our Texas weather is really getting cold at night and I’m wondering if the cold will help kill these hell bugs. We’ve been advised by a relative that deals with bed bugs at a school to just get rid of the bed-that we’ll never get rid of them all. I’m not willing to throw away a $800.00 bed if we can kill these things.

    Needless to say, I thought when I bought the GreenBeanBuddy it would be a quick fix, but it is a war of epic proportions and we’re gonna keep fighting the good fight. I’ll post again after another week or two to see if we were victorious or not.

  4. admin

    Hi Anne, thanks for the reply and updates. Yes bed bugs can be a battle. Since it appears to be a large infestation, you want to spread your re-treatments every 3 days until you notice less bites. What you may be noticing now is the next cycle of eggs that may be hatching.

    Regarding the “cover” of your bed. If you have a zipper case around the bed, remove it then do treatment. This is why you may feel bites, but do not see whats biting you. The little nymphs are microscopic and slide thru the zipper of a zippered case. Many customers forget to remove the covers or any zip bags around the mattress. This prevents the product from reaching on the mattress itself.

    From your comment previously about your husband coming from work and their may be bedbugs, ask your husband to inspect his clothes after work this may be another source of where your getting these bed bugs. If it is, simply treat the clothes and wash them as well. We’ve had other customers get bedbugs from taxi’s… so its very possible working in someones car, he may be bringing them home without knowing it.

    Bed Bugs are never a quick fix, this is due to the infestation is usually larger then what it appears and the infestation may have been around for months in most cases. So in order to knock out a large infestation that’s been around for a while, you will need to re-treat till the infestation subsides.

    Here is something to consider, try to find the source of where these things are coming from.

    Don’t only look at the bed, inspect the room, couches, pillows, headboard, mattress box, dressers, picture frames, and expand into your living areas. Also, understand that bed bugs can migrate from neighbors, public travel, and even doctors offices.

    While its challenging, you will see the infestation subside dramatically as long as you continue treatment and find your source of infestation. Be sure to check out the guide and procedures we sent you in your receipt email. It will help you go thru the same processes pest professionals use, when they use our product.

    Keep us posted. It’s not a magic bullet, but it does work thats why pest managers, resorts, and hospitals are using it.

  5. Anne Stanley

    I have purchased and used the 32 oz spray bottle to battle the bed bugs. I like that the spray has a “residual” meaning it keeps killing for 30 days. I had bought another simiiar product but it only killed on contact. So, I bought the GreenBeanBuddy instead after seeing your ad on the Facebook pages one day. Somehow, my husband brought home the bugs on his clothing and we didn’t know the bed was infected until he started getting bit. These bugs are really tenacious. I followed the instructions sent to me by your company. The first night we only saw a few bugs (about 5 or 10) sprayed them and they died. We thought we were done, but the next night they went into the “panic mode” and they were all over the bed. So we sprayed again, much more thoroughly, walls, drawers, behind the pictures and the wooden bed frame as well as the bed and the piping where you suggested they like to hide and they did, as suggested in the instructions given. Now about 3 days later, we haven’t seen any live bugs but until we’re sure the little creatures are all completly dead and gone we’re not using that bedroom. I plan to use your advice, daily for a week, then 3 times a week, then 2 times, then one time and then monthly after that. so I’ve also bought another spray bottle plus the gallon size. I’ve never had to deal with bed bugs before and I really like that your product is safe for pets, as I have 4 dogs, and that it can be sprayed on clothing in the closets without staining or harming the clothes and on the curtains and drapes. There is no smell to the product either which is nice. (My hubby can smell just about anything and he said there’s no smell.) Hopefully by the end of the week we will be bed bug free. The only thing I wish your company would do is have faster shipping. The UPS smart post ground shipping is a horribly slow way to ship. I would be willing to pay for faster shipping if you offered it. I think anyone who has to deal with bugs would appreciate faster shipping.

  6. vera williams

    that this spray is really good and our family need it so bad

  7. jerilon christner

    I am too i had tried a lot of things for many months. It’s a little expensive on my budget, but so glad things are taken care of! i thought i would need more again this month (bad outbreak) but it worked much better than anticipated

  8. Cheryl Williamson

    Just wanted you to know, As of today I am happy with results of using the 32oz spray. My cats have had no effects from using the product and am very happy about that.

  9. deborah salada

    thanks for your time and I am doing the once a week schedule and have not seen any for a few weeks and will continue that for at least a couple more months

  10. Anonymous

    I have this remedy that I gave my friend and it got her bed bug free something we all use and its great

  11. Linda McBee

    Wonderful Product!!! Okay, I’ve killed the bedbugs but I read that this kills a lot more than bedbugs. I have some firewood that has termites in it. Would it kill termites? If not that’s fine I’m just curious!!

  12. Deborah Smiley

    Chat with Deborah Smiley: 02/06/18 Green Bean Buddy is a Wonderful product. Helped me a lot with my bed bugs problem. I continue with the treatment because after a month I see couple crawling around I want to make sure they are gone for good. I’m buying 2 more gallons this time. See I like the product.

  13. Richard Silveira

    I have bought your Green Bean Buddy Bug Killer a couple times and love it. !1 ;–)) It is great and pet safe. !!!

  14. Shannon Morgan

    Chat with Shannon Morgan on 2/26/18
    Shannon rated this chat as good.
    12:59 pm
    Shannon left the following comment: Such an efficient, respectable company. Very thankful for y’all!

  15. Cindi

    Chat with Cindi on 2/27/18
    Caroline was awesome and very patient with all my questions. She gave me clear instructions and was amazingly helpful.

  16. Joe Donna

    Chat with Joe on 3/6/18
    2:09 pm
    we have used your product in our home and it has worked wonders

  17. Kathy Dario

    Chat with Kathy Dario on 3/9/18
    ok thanks. I like your product cause it is simple to use. I ordered a product from another company which I returned because it was confusing and no instructions with it with 4 items. paid a lot to ship it back

  18. keshia shropshire

    I sprayed 5 rooms killed all bedbugs except in main bedroom couldn’t the nest so there few still in that room. So i liked the spray for most of the part did its job…

    • Green Bean Buddy

      Hi Keshia, thanks for sharing your experience with the community.

      As a suggestion, consider a re-treatment in about 14 or 30 days just in case you missed the nest. Also consider treating couches, walls/doors/windows, picture frames(behind them), and of course bed and boxsprings. When you treat you will leave another round of residual, which will protect you from the bites and kills them at the same time.

      Keep us posted and glad your seeing the results.

  19. Dawn Pelliccio

    Yes I received my bed bug gallon today and started using it. It works when I spray on the bugs.

  20. Maggie Hermann

    Thank you. Love the product. Killed all the ants and have not seen any in about a week. And does not bother my new 9 week old puppies.
    About 1-2 days, and I sprayed around the windows and doors and have not seen any since. My neighbor had some crazy “beetles” in her window sill jammed with them and eggs. By the end of the day every one of them were dead, where she was able to open the window and clean them out…it was disgusting how big the nest was.

  21. Barbara Gettman

    we really love the greenbean buddy. we have tried everything, 1000’s of dollars spent.your product works great! we just needed 1 more gallon to spray the main areas and vehicles.

  22. emma huffman

    So far so good. I only saw two bugs last night. Only been using for one week so far.

  23. lisa valdez

    i received mine yesterday and it really does the trick

  24. Ricardo Estrada

    It works better than anything that I have tried.

  25. Tommy W McLean

    I am feeling like a heal here. Once I received your product it was enough. I apologize for being impatient and I thank you this is working fabulously. I treated three apts and they love the results from it.

  26. Elena Barrios

    So far I’m really liking gbb I would so recommend it to other

  27. Tiffany Kearney

    I was able to use it once, but some how it disappear. When i have enough money i will try to purchase more.

  28. Louetta Moncrief

    Yes, it works. I have used it.

  29. Steve Gilligan

    love the stuff it was great going to order more stuff soon thank you

  30. Deborah Long

    It works. Thank you so much. I am sharing this to people I know for sure.

  31. Janice Dunbar

    I got mine in 3 days after order it sprayed at night it worked great will continue using

  32. Dennis Graham

    I tried the product and it does work don’t have as many as before the spray would recommend

  33. Charles McCoy / Kelly Radcliff-McCoy

    We have used your product and I love it.

  34. Dwight Jones

    It work I need some more

  35. sally allen

    Its working good thanks

  36. Cathy Waterstradt

    No. I’m wanting to write my review on it. I received a sample and it worked wonderfully. I just wanted to say it killed just as it said it would. I would recommend to anyone with big problems.

  37. Angilynne Pekelo-Agpaoa

    I got mine in less than 2 weeks

  38. Misti Dudley

    Thank you Green bean Buddy you saved my sanity

  39. Shyla Williams

    I love this product it helped a ton

  40. Lisa Taylor

    Working well so far. Trying to get rid of these critters for good.

  41. Regina Moore

    Yes it works very good. But please follow the directions. And safe for pets. And please don’t think just dirty people get them that’s so not true. I’m a very clean person but help out a homeless family member. And that’s how i got them.


  42. Alan Cornelison

    I haven’t been bit for a few days but haven’t had the money to buy a gallon so I can keep it up. My nightmare is not as bad.

  43. Terrie Coons

    Not really, loved how well this was working.

  44. Barbara Yates

    I haven’t seen any since i sprayed.

  45. Dianna Kennedy

    This Spray worked after 6 years of fighting.

  46. Dianna Kennedy

    This spray worked after 6 years of fighting.

  47. Dianna Kennedy

    This spray worked after 6 years of fighting.

  48. Molly H

    You have life long customer in me as preventative. Thank you for selling to the public. 😃

  49. Bonar Harris

    I had a very, very bad infestation of both fleas and mites this summer. I ended up hiring a local Exterminator. They had a lot of trouble, but eventually wiped out the fleas. They did not know what to do about the mites. The back story is long. However, I did some research. Figured I probably had mites. Found Green Bean Buddy and ordered some.

    Within a few days of the first application, the mite infestation is almost completely resolved. Great product. definitely re-ordering.

  50. Penny smarsh

    Hey green bean buddy can u please make my subscription to every other month please I love ur product it works great!! Have a great day!! Please just let me know if u can’t it’s ok I will keep with the subscription I have!! But I’ve been using less but still spraying every 2 days I do really love this product!!! Penny smarsh

  51. Russell Love

    I purchased your product and was afraid that it wouldn’t actually work. I sprayed my bed and walls and didn’t go in just yet but waited for a week or two. Then just this week I reclaimed my living space and noticed something strange. Normally these creatures are fast to run from you but Instead I noticed them moving very sluggish. Then in just four days I went from seeing four sluggish bugs on day one on my bed to two on day two then non on day three and four and have gotten sleep from that time on that II so needed. I have already been telling others about this

  52. Michael Kramer

    Just to let you know, the bedbug spray took care of the problem.
    Great product and still have half a bottle yet. Mike

  53. Ernestine Stephens

    Your product does work…

  54. Jenifer Rea Santos

    I bought this for a flea problem. And couldn’t be happier. I can’t comment on the numerous other pests it’s controls. But I’m completely satisfied and happy with the results

  55. Jennifer Collins

    The sample I got did a pretty good job. Almost kills all my waterbugs. Thanks.

  56. Robert Heath

    Great product…

  57. Molly H

    You have a lifelong customer in me.

  58. Molly H

    You have a lifelong customer in me.

  59. Paula Powers

    It works. Thank you so much and I will order more stuff from you.

  60. Dennis

    Green Bean Buddy worked!

  61. Shelilah Dean

    Your product doesn’t take away my breath.

  62. Shirley Ann

    Green Bean Buddy is the best product I have ever seen worked the first time.

  63. Rita Dellinger

    The stuff did work!

  64. Annette Boyd

    I’m still amaze at how it killed with one spray.

  65. Pam Phillips

    I woke up bite free after 6 months.

  66. Elizabeth Bruscia

    This product works miracles.

  67. TEversole

    the product works great the bottle it came in is another story, had problems with it leaking and then the trigger kept getting stuck and then just stop working altogether, but over all great product.

  68. todd

    great product works well with no smell, the bottle it can in however, was leaking and then the trigger started getting stuck then stop working altogether, over all great product.

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