Enhancing Ancient Secrets To Infuse Wellness

After embarking on a journey to locations I never knew existed. I found tranquility, peace, and healing. What has been more interesting was this was all derived from the earth and used for thousands of years.

A journey seeking ancient knowledge

It began from Miami, Florida… to Lima, Peru.

The quest was about seeking knowledge from these ancient cultures. To interact, learn, and enjoy time together spent together with the tribes, cultures, & locals of these hidden valleys in Peru.

After the flight outside of the United States. In order to reach some of the most remote locations in Peru. Markus set out on train to ride around mountains and transport himself deeper into the jungle.

Finally reaching natures sanctuary

As the sun rose, I journeyed into miles of lush, damp Peruvian forest. The smell of moist mud and flora filled my nostrils. Swiping away with my machete, the jungles tentacles that were clutching me from this sacred area.

After an exhausting trip. I finally hit my destination where it began the discovery of “the ways of the elders”.

In order to learn the historic knowledge and natural remedies of these ancient cultures. This involved enjoying our time with the locals… eating, talking, and sharing knowledge. It was “Transforming” and “Enlightening”… and was truly an enlightening experience which help us pursue our mission to develop products which infuse our customers lives and homes with wellness.

Sharing wellness with the world...

After bringing this knowledge back into the U.S, Markus has set out to build a brand which focuses specifically on infusing wellness into the lives of every human being on the earth and turn homes into peaceful sanctuaries.

By designing each product using natural remedies and technologies discovered from elders within the jungles of Peru. Green Bean Buddy is focused on sharing this knowledge and unique products around the globe.

Infuse wellness into your life