Bed Bug Bite Cream Repellent – 1/3 OZ(10ml)

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+ Bed Bug Bite Cream & Mosquito Repellent
+ Excellent for Skin & Hair Care
+ Pure unrefined and GMO Free Essential Citronella Oil
+ Safe on Skin: Naturally Derived from Plants
+ Highly Effective against repelling mosquitoes and bed bugs
+ Reduces inflammation, Fights infections, Assists in Relaxation and Stress Relief
+ Relaxes and Soothers: Helps infuse a good night sleep
+ Therapeutic, relaxes and refreshes
+ Great for candle making, torches, place on skin, inside an infuser and more
+ Also check out our Essential oil bug spray for bed bugs, lice, roaches, fleas and other pests

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GMO free citronella essential oil that comes from 100% plant extract. Can be use to expel mosquitoes and bed bugs, and delicate enough to use on your skin for repelling pests or daily skin care. The medicinal qualities of our essential oils are quite amazing. Nature is what we use to infuse wellness into your life and home.

There are no fillers or artificial ingredients and no synthetic preservatives are found in our products as well.

Citronella oil can reduce inflammation:  The essential oil contains compounds that fight free radical damage and reverse the dangerous levels of oxidative stress.

Citronella will fight infection in wounds: The pure citronella oil is used as an antiseptic, antidepressant, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory.

Great To Reduce Stress and Seen As A Relaxer: One amazing benefit and use of citronella oil is used to control emotions in aromatherapy. A natural oil which helps relax your mind and body, thus helping you heal. Great for adding into your diffuser or in a deep skin massage, on your bedding or in the tub.

Overall citronella is great for many uses and we hope to infuse wellness into your home with our unique line of natural products.

This product is ORM-D compliant.

Our Story and Mission of Infusing Wellness Into Your Life:

Pure Essential Citronella Oil for Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, and Skin Care, 10ml

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Pure Essential Citronella Oil for Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, and Skin Care, 10ml


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1 review for Bed Bug Bite Cream Repellent – 1/3 OZ(10ml)

  1. Kenneth Peller

    The citronella ointment working great

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