Is this a bed bug?

To assist in properly identify what bug is bugging you. Below is an identification platform to give you re-assurance you don’t have a bed bug or to set off an alarm you have a bed bug infestation so you can properly treat it. 

Consider a residual type of treatment that kills them, but you spray on surfaces to create a barrier around you and your home.

It may make your skin crawl... but this what bed bugs look like

Important facts to remember when trying to identify a bed bug. Each bed bug has the following traits whether it be a nymph or fully grown adult.

  • Oval
  • Flattened unless full of blood
  • Wingless
  • Legs are towards the front.. and blood sac towards back
  • Body shaped similar to a football

Bed bug photos and size and species comparison

Life cycle of the bed bug
Bed bugs are tiny
Bed bug compared to other pests

Questions... we're in this together

Bed bugs can wreck havoc emotionally to there victims. Your not alone in this, yes it’s stressful but we offer assistance and complete procedures on how to get rid of bed bugs permanently.