GreenBeanBuddy, Flea and Tick Killer, Sample



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A special sample for private customers.

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  1. Green Bean Buddy

    Thanks for your feedback, what you are referring to is what we call the “Waterfall Effect”. The reason being is due to the formulation brings out these pests from their hiding locations. Thus, why you think it’s getting worse. In fact, your infestation may been larger then expected.
    Here is videos explaining the process to expect.
    In summary, you will see the following happen:
    1. Waterfall
    2. Panic Cycle
    3. Death from Dehydration
    You are in the 1st phase and you need this to happen to bring them out of their hiding locations so they can be killed and spread the formula back to their nesting locations. Definitely continue treatment every other day until the infestation subsides. This is exactly how you get rid of the entire infestation.
    Let us know if you have other question.

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