How green bean buddy residual treatment works

As you begin treating your infestation with Green Bean Buddy you will start to notice the residual that kills pests immediately, but also as the days pass… it is also formulated to cause pests to scatter away and pass the formulation back into the nests and amongst the young.

The formulation is kills in all states of pests life cycle. This includes and is not limited to bed bugs, roaches, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, mites, dust mites, aphids, gnats, and other pest similar to the genetic make-up.

The best way to use Green Bean Buddy bug killer is to spot-treat hot spot location areas of pests, no need to drench the area. Then re-treat every 7 to 14 days until the infestation is gone. The residual will do most of the work, but we are re-treating to protect you from infestations that occur from external sources not within your property.

Does green bean buddy work?

Below is a video showing customers feedback and who have reviewed Green Bean Buddy bug killer.  These real-life success stories have come from live chat, reviews on product pages, and phone and emails from clients.  The community is honest and helpful and we love hearing about people’s success in getting rid of their pests without using harsh pesticides.

How it works on all pests, it's not limited to bed bugs

The video below describes the process of how Green Bean Buddy works. We focus on bed bugs, but the formulation is not limited to this pest alone. In fact, this video was used in a presentation for our resort clients to demonstrate the process to their management staff so they knew how to use the product. 

It will give you a better understanding how powerful the product is and why health facilities, resorts, and agriculture companies use our products to combat pests.

How the naturally derived formulation works

  1. Hacking Neuro-Transmitters: This stops the production of octopamine in the bed bug, flea, tick, roach, ant, spider, mite, beetle or any other pest since the genetic make-up is similar.
  2. Dehydrates to Stop Re-Birth Cycle: Not only will it kill the pest, it is designed to stop the the re-birth cycle of the female egg layers. A powerful pest control without dangerous pesticides.
  3. Creates Barrier to Stop Re-Infestations: The formula contains what the industry calls a “residual”. This means you spot treat and it leaves a residue which kills pests and prevents them from re-infesting your property. They will literally scatter away from formulation.
Residual Pest Control

What pests do after your initial treatment

Waterfall effect – the pest scatter from hiding locations, you may see more initially. This is because they are coming out from hiding location you did know existed.


Panic cycle – pests may bite/feed more, as it’s trying to survive. Don’t be alarmed, but you may feel more bites (if they are biting pests). This is the pest on it’s last breath trying to survive.


Death from dehydration – destroys pests in all life-cycles and leaving a residual on surfaces to prevent re-infestations.

What To Expect During Treatment

The video below explains clearly what you will notice when using the product.

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