Guaranteed to get rid of fleas and ticks completely. You get a complimentary sample to see for yourself. No Trials… No Risk… No Worries!

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You probably tried other flea or tick treatments, Yet… you still have something biting you or your pets! Yep… that’s what our customers told us right before they thanked us for sending them Green Bean Buddy.

We know it works… and so will you after your first treatment.

Treatment that works... on bed bugs too!

Many customers told us fleas were biting them in their bed and couch… well what they came to find was it was both bed bugs and fleas! Don’t worry, Green Bean Buddy, kills fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, bed bugs, mites, gnats, carpet beetles, and more. 

Customers love it... a no worry investment

Infusing wellness

Embarking on a journey to infuse wellness into the homes of every human being. Trekking across the globe learning from ancient tribes, discovering remedies from natural ingredients of the earth to fend off pests.

And this is how the Green Bean Buddy, bug killer line came to be. Now a widely recognized pest control product to not only kills pests, but also prevent infestations with a unique residual.

Field tested for resorts & health facilities

Proven Bed Bug Killer

How it works

Naturally derived oils are bio-engineered to attack pests in three cycles.

The first cycle, instantly attacks the pest neuro-transmitters forcing the adrenaline of the pest to stop, causing no more eating for the pest… thus no more bites!

Second, Green Bean Buddy begins dehydrating the insects waxy outer-shell leaking it’s fluids causing death from dehydration.

Lastly, each treatment leaves a clear residual that kills pests immediately or causes them to scatter away spreading our formula into the nest.

Residual Pest Control

No stains... no chemical smell.

Use Green Bean Buddy anywhere… It will not stain clothing, carpeting, or furniture as it’s a naturally derived of oils and contains no pesticides. So your rooms will NOT smell like a chemical plant.

Child safe... pet safe... plant safe.

The formulation is bio-engineered from natural oils so it will not harm children or pets. The product is used in hotels for hyper-sensitive guests. It also is used in dairy farms, zoo’s, and chicken farms to protect their animals from pests like fleas and ticks.

Easy to use... procedure booklet included.

While you simply aim and spray. You also will be receiving our downloadable pest procedures to follow to assist you in inspecting and treating your infestation correctly. This procedure booklet was developed in collaboration with our pest management professionals. It’s your entirely free.

Pest Control Procedures

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