Ninebot External Battery Kit for ES2 / ES4 Kickscooter


+ 5200mAh Li-ion Battery for Ninebot Electric Scooter ES1 ES2 ES4
+ 187Wh Battery Rate
+ 25-45km Working Distance
+ Easy to Install and Disassemble
+ Long Battery Endurance
+ Durable and Long Lasting


Ninebot extended batter for your Ninebot Electric Scooter is durable and long lasting. Upgraded speed and long battery endurance make your riding journey free from all inhibitions. Easy to install and disassemble. Ninebot scooter is with interface reserved for extended battery.

Main Features:
● 5200mAh Li-ion battery for Ninebot electric scooter ES1 ES2 ES4
● Battery rate: 187Wh
● Battery capacity: 5200mAh
● Working distance: 25 – 45km

Please Note:
+ You can check your orders delivery status within our tracking system and with our live support team.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


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