Non Toxic De-Icer and Ice Melting Shield for Cars, Driveways, Windshields, Cement and More, 1 Gallon


+ Massive Labor Saver: Reduces total man-hours for snow removal – Watch Video
+ No Mess: Stays where applied, does not track inside!
+ No Certification or Training Needed: Just treat surfaces before you sleep
+ No Scrubbing Needed: Prevents ice and snow to bond onto surfaces
+ Protects Concrete, Cars, & Windshields: Corrosive inhibitors prevent surface damage
+ Non Toxic: Odorless, Non Flammable, & Non Corrosive:
+ Used by hospitals, helipads, oil fields, schools, driveways, car owners, loading docks, and more!
+ Guaranteed, Spray On Surface and No Freezing Up to -25°F.

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Environmentally responsible ant icing formulation which melts ice and protect surfaces from freezing. When applied before or during that brutal winter storm, the non-toxic formulation will melt ice and prevent the ice and snow from bonding to the surface, preventing freezing. Amazing anti-freezing surface treatment that allows fast and cost-cutting cleanup after the storm.

One gallon will cover approximately 900-1,000 sq. ft.


+ Prevents surface freezing up to -25°F
+ Odorless and colors
+ Non corrosive
+ Leaves no unsightly residue like granular ice melts
+ Stays where applied — does not track indoors
+ Ready to Use – DO NOT MIX WITH WATER


+ Pretreat concrete
+ Brick
+ Windshield
+ Cars
+ Sidewalks
+ Steps
+ Deck areas
+ Driveways
+ Ramps & Parking Lots
+ Universities
+ Office Buildings
+ Industrial Buildings
+ Apartment complexes
+ Shopping Malls
+ Government/Municipal Buildings
+ Hospitals
+ Restaurants and Airports



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