Granite Sealer, Seal and Shine Stone, Safe on Food Prep Surfaces, Marble Infusion 32oz


  • SMOOTHES & SHINES Impregnating, water based sealer that brings out natural beauty of the stone
  • SEALS & PROTECTS Against oil, water, coffee, wine, and other liquids, etches, etc
  • NO HEAVY ODOR Neutral scent that immediately gives the gratification of stone that shines
  • CUT LABOR COSTS & TIME Highly concentrated last longer and shine brighter
  • SAFE ON FOOD PREP SURFACES Safely seal surfaces which prep food. 
  • FORMULATED FOR DAILY USE OF INDOOR STONE such as natural stone floors, including polished and unpolished marble, travertine, saturnia, tumbled marble, limestone, slate, ceramic tile and excellent for cleaning unfilled saturnia and grout
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE FORMULA FOR OUTDOOR STONE such as coral stone, shellstone, saturnia, pavers, cast stone, stamped concrete patios, grout, roof tiles, awnings, fabric patio furniture, stucco.
  • EASY TO USE Works in minutes. Apply on the surface. Allow absorption. Wipe or buff clean.


Marble Infusion is a clear, deep penetrating, water based, impregnating sealer creating a superior barrier for your stone.  The formula protects marble, granite and other stone surfaces. It effectively penetrates the porous surfaces and provides a seal against stain and dirt. Advanced formula creates a molecular bond within the substrate pores yielding unequaled repellence characteristics, while permitting essential vapor transmission.

Will not change the natural color or the look of the stone, tiles and other masonry works.

The granite sealer produces a clear barrier, preventing staining from food, water, oil and dirt; because they stay on the stone surface, for easy cleaning. Marble Infusion is safe to use on marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, other natural stones, brick, and terra cotta. Also works great on granite, limestone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, Corian, Sile Stone, and Caesar Stone.

Cuts marble restoration labor by 50% and is a concentrated solution to bring more shine and protection with less application use Will not change the natural color of stone, tiles or other masonry surfaces, and will not yellow. Provides weather-resistant finish that is a slip and scuff resistant and allows for maximum vapor transmission.

Keep in mind that your finest hotels, professional cleaning companies, builders, general contractors, tile and stone installers, use Marble Infusion routinely, to seal marble.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 7 in

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