Christmas Snowflake Projector with 12 Patterns


+ Easy to install, just plug and play
+ Perfect to use as lawn lights
+ Comes with a round base and long ground stake
+ The projection lights is perfect for outdoors because it has IP65 water resistant level
+ Portable and lightweight
+ Range up to 40 feet. 25-35 feet is the best distance for brightness and visibility


Another addition to our tech product is this Christmas Project Light which is great for various occasions, holidays and parties. It comes with 12 different slides. Very simple and easy to install. Comes with a flat base and a stake to be used indoor or outdoor. Just unscrew little nuts and switch out the light designs to change to whatever holiday or occasion you like. You can easily see the images by looking on the slide.

he protection grade of the main body is rated up to IP65, preventing water and dust. The product features built-in temperature protection, operation temperature range is between -13°F-104°F. The main body and its power supply have certified to ETL standards and they have also been through rigorous FDA testing.

Range up to 40 feet. 25-35 feet is the best distance for brightness and visibility (under dark environment). Great lots of fun to project various images on a garage door, doorway, a window or inside the house on a wall or ceiling.

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Weight 0.62 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 in

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