6 Pcs/ Set Universal Reusable Food Silicone Cover


+ 6pcs/set Kitchen Silicone Cover
+ Stretchable To Fit Different Sizes
+ BPA Free and Reusable
+ Microwavable and Refrigerator Friendly
+ Strong Absorption and Leak-Proof


6 various sizes silicone stretch lids to fit odd shapes and size containers and directly over food items. Silicone food covers for cooked food, fruit, salads, sauces, drinks and more without a leak. Our silicone bowl covers are perfect to be used as Silicone food wrap as well. Non-toxic, FDA approved, BPA Free, food grade Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids. Use our Stretch lids food cover to reduce your plastic waste, and save money replacing plastic bags and disposable plastic wrap.

Softness isn’t always a weakness, as we’ve been led to believe. These silicon stretch lids are both, soft and strong. Resistant to low and high temperatures (-20F to 450F), you can put it in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher! Forget to worry about matching lids, our lids fit mugs, pots, cups, bowls in different formats like round, square bowls, rectangle, cans jars, dishes, etc.

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