Reports are coming in that so many people are sick with influenza in California that there is a shortage of flu medicines and emergency rooms are packed, hopeless, as the death toll rises.

Health officials reported that Friday, 27 people below the age of 65 have died of the flu since October. A frightening number compared to only three during the same time last year. 

Due to shortages of flu medication. Hospital staff and patients are now being urged to treat living areas and homes using a safe sanitizing influenza disinfectant that will kill influenza and treat the home and air quality to prevent the spread of the virus and keep emergency rooms within normal levels.

Shortage of flu medicine & overcrowding

Adriana Gudinoperez, of Garden Grove, a patient with flu symptoms, looks at a nurse after being given ibuprofen in the emergency room at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange on Friday. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Reports from LA Times, are reporting of the major concerns. Doctors usually prescribe flu medication to patients yet, there is reports of a shortage.

Clerk at Rancho Park Comopounding Pharmacy in West L.A. in regards to flu medication for patients, “We can’t get it”

CVS spokeswoman, Amy Lanctot said increased demand for Tamiflu in California may have led to stores being temporarily out of stock. 

This Weeks Flu Season Deals

Source: California Department of Public Health

United States concerns of bubonic plague

We have reported that in the United States, specifically on the west coast there is confirmed reports of fleas and similar feeding insects passing strains of the bubonic plague.

Now concerns of bubonic plague are being looked at by the CDC as rats, pets, and now humans have contracted this deadly virus.

With the flu pandemic, cold temperature changes. It is time to protect yourself and family.

Below are suggested treatment remedies:

  • Flu Spray To Disinfect Home and Surfaces
  • Boiron Oscillococcinum for flu like symptoms

Are you seeing a rise in flu cases in your area. Please report below and leave your comments.