Are bed bug bites transmitting diseases

A common household biting insect, much like bed bugs are now reported passing the plague within the United States as reported by Health Officials and wikipedia.

“The plague is spread by fleas and can be deadly if not treated in time with common antibiotics. Bubonic plague is one of three types of plague caused by bacterium Yersinia pestis.” 

Due to the severity of insects passing diseases on to bite victims. The team at Green Bean Buddy has formed an initiative to help keep pests out of the home using a bio-engineered formula which leaves a dry-clear residual to kill bed bugs, fleas, ticks and other pests immediately. More importantly left on surfaces will repel pests away from you, your children, and pets.

Limited locations rampaged by bed bugs or fleas are eligible for a sample to reduce outbreaks.

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This news appears to be a life threatening epidemic as fleas, bed bugs, and other insects may be able to pass this disease to pets and to you and your family. Click below to give warning to friends and family and share on your social networks.


Are Insects Carrying Diseases Into Your Home

A serious epidemic is hitting our borders and the dangers of an outbreak must be realized to ensure the safety of the human being. In Arizona, public health officials warning that the infectious disease that claimed millions in the Middle Ages may exist now in present day in the United States.

USA Today recently reported, the bubonic plague has already been reported not only in fleas, exposing the danger further.

The frightening risk for bed bugs bite victims

Bed Bugs Bite and Both Humans and Animals as do fleas who pass the bubonic plague…

While we have CDC explaining that fleas are the original source who passed this disease. It now begs the question if bed bug victims may be transmitted with the disease like reported in Arizona and other locations in the United States.

This information should be passed along to ensure you or your family members are safe and aware of the outbreak that is occurring. Pests are on the rise and should not be downplayed as just a fluke.


Complimentary bed bug treatment sample to reduce outbreaks

If you or someone you know has bed bugs, fleas, or other biting insects. There is a program available with the purpose of reducing the risk of bed bug and flea outbreaks.

Green Bean Buddy mission is to infuse wellness into the home of the human being.

Reports of bed bug infestations have been on the rise. Fortune 500 companies who work with us privately have been increasing their purchasing for hotels, resorts, and health facilities. It is becoming a quite concerning ordeal and Green Bean Buddy is looking to assist the local victims best way we can.

To reserve a complimentary sample for you or a family member, visit this local page being served to specific locations. Please limit one complimentary sample per household.

Infusing wellness using ancient remedies

Upon embarking on a journey to Infuse wellness into the homes of every human being. The CEO trekked across the globe into unique agricultural areas which locals deep in the jungles of Peru would maintain. After collaborating and learning from these ancient tribes, it was clear that pests were not a problem for these inhabitants. The secret remedies passed to them was simply natural ingredients of the earth.

And this is how the Green Bean Buddy, bug killer line came to be. Now a widely recognized pest control product to not only kills pests, but also prevent with a unique residual.

Questions? We're in this together

Some ask why are we doing this? The truth is a disease such as the plague is deadly and can be victimize an entire population quickly. Not only that… in reality we are all in this together. We have families and kids.

If anything, we ask simply share it with neighbors, pet lovers, and family to be consciously aware of this present epidemic as we move into 2020.