This week we have reports of REALLY NASTY STUFF in hotels and restaurants in Kansas. Reports have bombarded us of bed bugs, roaches, and black mold!

We compiled a list for local Kansas folks who may be considering a night out of town for Valentines or just a bite to eat. Be wary, this list list comprised of our recent reports of establishments (hotels and restaurants) in Kansas who failed inspection.

This adds concern as bed bugs have been reported biting people. Roaches reports over-whelming rooms and eateries. And deadly black mold. Yummy!!! Not… — seems it’s time to get out the residual bed bug and roach spray and mold cleaners.

Before you make reservation... check this list

Before staying or eating at that place… you may wish to see this list of restaurants and hotels in Kansas that failed a routine inspection.  

Don’t be shy!
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Most Common Restaurant Violations In Kansas

It appears to be foodborne illness is Kansas restaurants dirty little secret.

Live cockroaches, bed bugs and black mold were among many violations found by state health inspectors at Wichita restaurants and hotels during their November and December service inspections, reported by Wichita Eagle

Every nook and cranny to look at for bed bugs & roaches

While you may set out to that hotel, restaurant or simply maybe your own home. You can follow some universal guidelines we comprised with the collaboration of pest professionals.

Below is a summary list of where to look if you think your room may have bed bugs or roaches. Check these locations 1st… if you need help on what exactly your looking for… follow this guide about where bed bugs and roaches hide.

  • Mattress
  • Boxspring
  • Mattress encasements
  • Pillows and pillow cases
  • Sofa and cushions
  • Recliners and furniture
  • Bed posts and wooden frames
  • Dresser drawers
  • Base boards
  • Electrical wall outlets
  • Window sills
  • Picture frames
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