Bonham Independent School District reported that they are shutting down classes for one week due to increased cases of the flu.

They are sending in cleaning crews to sanitize and disinfect the influenza virus from classrooms and buses.

Officials state that they are canceling classes not only because of increased cases of influenza with students but also teachers are reporting flu like symptoms as well.

Health officials are recommending the 7 day suspension of classes in hopes to stop the spreading of influenza.

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After much consideration and based on Texas Education Agency Attendance Guidelines and the Texas Department of Health’s best practices, Bonham ISD has made the decision to cancel school from Wednesday, January 17th through Tuesday, January 23rd due to the number of students and staff members exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Staff and students will return to their regular schedules on Wednesday, January 24th.

All Bonham ISD Campuses have seen an increase in the number of confirmed cases of influenza. As the number of confirmed cases of influenza grows, it is important to increase health and safety protocols for each campus, including disinfection of all buses and spaces. Local health officials have recommended a full 7 days to stop the cycle of spreading influenza.

How Do You Know If Your Child Has Flu Like Symptoms?

In this case, health officials are recommending that parents and students stay away from other people who are experiencing flu like symptoms.

It is also recommended to disinfect your home as well. Make sure to wash, sheets, pillow cases, towels on high “sanitize” cycle to help get rid of any type of germs in your home

Spray disinfectant sprays on door knobs, refrigerator handles to help decrease the amount of germs that could spread in your home.

Most flu like symptoms are what many children and parents experience and don’t take too seriously.

Here are some common flu like symptoms to keep a watch for with children:

  • A high-grade fever up to 104 degrees F.
  • Chills and shakes with the fever.
  • Extreme tiredness.
  • Headache and body aches.
  • Dry, hacking cough.
  • Sore throat.
  • Vomiting and belly pain.

If you or your child are experiencing any thing close to these symptoms it is advised to speak to your doctor. Influenza has taken the lives of many senior citizens and also children in this year alone and unfortunately those numbers are expected to rise.

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