Head lice or nits are not just something children come home from school with, for years adults have struggled with the super louse.

In a recent interview, Susannah Constantine was suffering with a resistant breed of head lice for 3 long years. Her children did as well.

Lice is becoming resistant to the normal treatments in the past. The pyrethrin treatments are dangerous and studies, specifically researched by webMD by Kyong Yoon show these pyrethrin treatments to no longer be effective.

After noticing how Susannah Constantine get rid of lice after  3 year battle. A homeopathic lice treatment remedy is all that will be needed to take care of it in-home without damaging scalp or hair follicles. 

Super louse a resistant breed to old methods

Fashion guru Susannah Constantine has really opened up about what may adults are going thru in life.

Nits are becoming an epidemic much like bed bugs and we are seeing an increase in infestations around the globe from India, Dubai, South Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

More scientist are seeing the old chemicals not working. The change in trend appears to be moving towards homeopathic methods now, which are safer and if formulated correctly more effective.

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