Everyone would always dream of having the perfect vacation. Whether to go to a far away place or just have a simple stay-cation. But what if these dream vacation got ruined by a tiny little creature we call bed bugs?

For the past weeks, we got reports that bed bugs are at it again. Attacking people while sleeping and dream vacation became nightmares.

This can be very alarming as bed bugs can also attack small children. Home owners should be aware that it is important to use a residual bed bug spray to avoid these pests.


Coachella music vacation gone wrong

Every millennial always dream of going to Coachella – the biggest music festival. Due to its popularity, price can skyrocket and only those who can afford get to experience.

It can even be counted as a privilege but this dreamy vacation got ruined when Lilian Almario checked in at Palm Spring Motel 6 for the said festival and checked out with bed bug bites.

She didn’t expected this to happen.

“The very first night we woke up with bites”, Almario told NBC4

She is accompanied with her three girlfriends and they we surprised to see bed bugs in their room including the night stand next to bed.

“It was painful. We were scratching a lot.” Almario said.

The ladies asked to be transferred to a different room but since it was Coachella, the said hotel was already fully booked.

Almario and her friend who were bitten badly said that they had no choice but to sleep at the car.

However, Motel 6 refunded their full three-night stay worth $790.

The hotel issued a statement and said, “Our staff works diligently to check for signs of bed bugs regularly. As soon as we are made aware of a suspicion of bed bugs in a specific area…the area remains secured until the professional exterminators clear it for use.”

Before you go to a big event like this, always make sure to know well the hotel you are planning to stay at to avoid things like this.

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Party for bed bugs?

A fun and happy birthday celebration became a nightmare when a family got bitten by bed bugs while staying at a hotel in Wisconsin Dells over the weekend.

The group, including 6 young girls were staying at the Sunset Bay Resort reported that they woke up with bites already.

“I started feeling around and I just so happened to scratch my arm and I felt like lines of bites,” one girl named Aisha Carr reported on WTMJ, adding that their trip “was pretty much ruined from that point.”

Dawn Baker who is the owner and manager of Sunset Bay said that this was an “isolated case” and they “felt horrible for the family.”

“It was a birthday trip and we just felt absolutely terrible,” Baker said.

“We compensated the guests of course and then we called in our exterminators,” Baker continued.

“We’re a family owned and operated business, and something like this is just horrifying to us, that our guests have to experience this,” she said, adding that the hotel believed another guest may have brought the bed bugs into the hotel.

Baker reported that the resort already hired a pest specialist and checked other rooms for bed bugs and not finding any other case.

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Know if it is a bed bug or not...

There are a lot of kind of pest that can bite you but how can you tell the difference? Buying the right bed bug spray for a specific pest is important.

We created a simple, easy to follow guide on how to distinguish bed bugs. How it looks like that next time you get to see one, you can already tell.

Below are the characteristics of bed bugs to know how bed bugs look like.

  • they are oval in shape
  • flattened unless full of blood
  • wingless
  • legs are towards the front
  • blood sac towards the back
  • body shaped like a football
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Life cycle of the bed bug
Bed bugs are tiny
Bed bug compared to other pests
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