Hypo Allergenic - Anti Allergen Detergent

Bed Bug & Mold Detergent Used by Resorts, Hospitals, Pest and Mold Professionals

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64oz - ( Est 40 - 50 Loads)
Delivered in 2 to 3 Business Days
Retail Price: $65 Your Price: $43.33

Formula Loved By Customers

"I want to let you what an amazing product you have. It worked from day one. I woke up bite free after six months. Even a professional exterminator couldn't get rid of them. Thank you so much"
Pamella Phillips
Happy Customer
"I had a very bad infestation of both fleas and mites this summer. I ended up hiring a local exterminator. They had a lot of trouble, but eventually wiped out the fleas. They did not know what to do about the mites. The back story is long... Found Green Bean Buddy and ordered online. Withing a few days of first application, the mite infestation is almost completely resolved. Great product, definitely re-ordering."
Long Time Customer
Happy Customer
"I understand the delay as this product works miracles. I'm glad the payment went through and it will be on it's way soon."

Elizabeth Bruscia
Happy Customer

Use What Resorts, Pest, & Mold Professionals Use

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Formulas From Ancient Knowledge

After embarking on a journey to locations I never knew existed. The CEO found tranquility, peace, and healing. What has been more interesting was this was all derived from the earth and used for thousands of years.

Sharing wellness with the world...

After bringing this knowledge back into the U.S, Markus has set out to build a brand which focuses specifically on infusing wellness into the lives of every human being on the earth and turn homes into peaceful sanctuaries.

By designing each product using natural remedies and technologies discovered from elders within the jungles of Peru. Green Bean Buddy is focused on sharing this knowledge and unique products around the globe.

Transform Your Home Into A Cleansing Oasis

**Green Bean Buddy All In One Anti Allergen Detergent treats bedding and linens against inanimate bed bug matter, inanimate cockroach matter, inanimate dust mite matter, inanimate pet dander, and other non-living matter of allergens from non living sources. The product works during normal laundry cycle that detergents alone do not. The formula is safe to use with all washable, colorfast fabrics and is effective in both hot and cold water.

About Our Formulations

Green Bean Buddy is being used by resorts that cater to hyper sensitive guests. The pest control formulation contains all natural oils and no harmful pesticides making it child safe, pet safe and is classified pesticide exempt following FIFRA 25(b) guidelines suggested by EPA. Due to its ingredients the pest control products does not need to be registered by the EPA and considered pesticide exempt.

Hypo Allergenic & Eco Friendly

Anti Allergen & Hypo Allergenic safe to use in laundry and linens.

No Staining

Use on mattresses, sheets, and linens without worry of pesticides or stains.

Formulated Using Natural Oils

Derived from ancient remedies discovered by the CEO visiting remote locations around the world.

Child, Pet, & Home Safe

Used in hospitals, resorts, homes, and shelters. The formulas is 100% non harmful.

64oz - ( Est 40 - 50 Loads)

Hypo Allergenic & Formulated For Mold & Pest Professionals

Public Price: $65 Your Price: $43.33
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Just Some Of Our Reviews

Below is just some of our many reviews and screenshots from customers in facebook, live chat, or within our email support system.
"I’ve been a licensed pest control technician with my own business since 1983 and worked for Terminix and Orkin before that so I think I’m qualified to simply say IT WORKS!!!"
Mark Wagner
Pest Professional
"I will testify that this stuff really works. After using one gallon on the 1st treatment there were just a few found. Second treatment in 7 days and now we are bed bug FREE!"
Shelly Hall
Happy Customer
"My mom used this stuff and she was infested really bad. It takes about 2 days, but as soon as this stuff touches them or they walk over it, they immediately die.."

Mommy Kness
A New Mom
"I’ve received mine yesterday and it really does work!"
Lisa Valdez
Happy Customer
testimonial really works
"I have tried every product that promises to kill bed bugs but nothing worked. I came across this and decided to try it... I was amazed it works! Thank you Green Bean Buddy you saved my sanity"
Misti Dudley
Sanity Saved
"I want to let you know what an amazing product you have it worked from day one. I woke up bite free after six months. Even a professional exterminator couldn't get rid of them. Thank you so much"
Pam Phillips
Worked From Day One
"I’m still amazed at how it killed it with one spray."
Annette Boyd
Happy Customer
"It took a few weeks and a couple sprays but I can sleep in my bed again"
Emma Huffman
Can Sleep In Bed Again
"Yes It Really Works... I have used it."
Lou Reihle Moncrief
It Really Works
Patricia Colvin AvatarPatricia C.
Finally a great product that’s easy, to use and has great results! Effective with reasonable prices-
Going to try the laundry products now ! - 12/24/2023 
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