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100% Effective - Field Tested in (12) Month Study

Professional Strength Bed Bug Spray. Kills Pests & Prevents Infestations

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1 Gallon - Treats Multiple Rooms
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Loved By Customers

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"I’ve been a licensed pest control technician with my own business since 1983 and worked for Terminix and Orkin before that so I think I’m qualified to simply say IT WORKS!!!"
Mark Wagner
Pest Professional
"I will testify that this stuff really works. After using one gallon on the 1st treatment there were just a few found. Second treatment in 7 days and now we are bed bug FREE!"
Shelly Hall
Happy Customer
"My mom used this stuff and she was infested really bad. It takes about 2 days, but as soon as this stuff touches them or they walk over it, they immediately die.."

Mommy Kness
A New Mom
"I’ve received mine yesterday and it really does work!"
Lisa Valdez
Happy Customer
testimonial really works
"I have tried every product that promises to kill bed bugs but nothing worked. I came across this and decided to try it... I was amazed it works! Thank you Green Bean Buddy you saved my sanity"
Misti Dudley
Sanity Saved
"I want to let you know what an amazing product you have it worked from day one. I woke up bite free after six months. Even a professional exterminator couldn't get rid of them. Thank you so much"
Pam Phillips
Worked From Day One
"I’m still amazed at how it killed it with one spray."
Annette Boyd
Happy Customer
"It took a few weeks and a couple sprays but I can sleep in my bed again"
Emma Huffman
Can Sleep In Bed Again
"Yes It Really Works... I have used it."
Lou Reihle Moncrief
It Really Works

Use What Pest Professionals Use... Hotels, and Health Facilities

How It Works
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Residual Kills & Prevents

This unique formula is designed to not only kills pests but prevent re-infestations due to it's dry residual that is left on the surface. The residual continually kills pests and is non harmful to children, pets or adults.
Proven Bed Bug Killer
Green Bean Buddy is a brand used by pest professionals, resorts, theme parks and health facilities. Field tested during a 12 month study by the most respected labs in the United States.

How Does It Work

There is 3-step process we designed to ensure you get rid of your pest problem entirely. Below the video will explain what to expect using Green Bean Buddy.

Hacks Neuro-Transmitters

The formula stops the pest production of octopamine causing pests stop all feeding & reproducing. Humans & animals do not have these receptors so the formula was designed to be safe around pets & children.

Stop Re-Birth Cycle

Not only will Green Bean Buddy kill the pest, it is designed to stop the rebirth cycle of the female egg layers. A powerful pest control without dangerous pesticides to go after the females to stop the infestation entirely.

Barrier Stops Re-Infestation

The formula contains what industry pest professionals call a "residual". This means you spot treat and it leaves a residue which kills pests and prevents them from re-infestation your property.

What To Expect

Upon using Green Bean Buddy you will notice a 3 phase cycle that occurs before getting rid of the entire infestation. Watch the video below.

Waterffall Effect

Upon first treatment you may see more pests. This is due to the formulation bringing out pests from their hiding locations. This is a good thing and leads to removing all pests in locations you would not normally see.

Panic Cycle of The Pests

In a last grasp for hope. The pests may feed/bite more as this is the instinctive routine for the pest to survive. Continue spot treating around areas to create a barrier to keep the pests away from you.

Death From Dehydration

Lastly Green Bean Buddy will dehydrate the pests and pass on this dehydrating formula to other pests in their nesting areas. This will be the final blow to get rid of these pests entirely to never come back.


Residual Protection

12 Month

Tested in the Field




Treats While You Sleep

So, What Makes It Child & Pet Safe?

Green Bean Buddy is being used by resorts that cater to hyper sensitive guests. The formulation contains all natural oils and no harmful pesticides making it child safe, pet safe and is classified pesticide exempt following FIFRA 25(b) guidelines suggested by EPA. Due to its ingredients the product does not need to be registered by the EPA and considered pesticide exempt.

No Odor & Eco Friendly

Bio-based insecticide safe using in sleeping areas and around your home.

No Staining

Use on mattresses, sheets, linens, counter tops without worry of pesticides or stains.

Formulated Using Natural Oils

Derived from ancient remedies discovered by the CEO visiting remote locations around the world.

Child, Pet, & Live Stock Safe

Used in livestock farms, hospitals, resorts, and shelters. The formulas is 100% non harmful.

All In One Pest Control

Green Bean Buddy is used by pest professionals, resorts, theme parks, and health facilities, as well as shelters. The formula will work on multiple pests and prevent re-infestations from occurring all while never having to evacuate or leave the treated areas.

Bed Bugs

The bed bug feed at night and hide within your mattress, couches, baseboards, picture frames, and other locations. Green Bean Buddy is designed to kill bed bugs immediately without harmul pesticides.

Carpet Beetles, Ants & Spiders

Carpet beetles, ants, spiders were all treated successfully using Green Bean Buddy. The formula is non-harmful and works extremely well indoors and around living and sleeping areas.

Fleas & Ticks

Green Bean Buddy is pet safe and contains no harmful pesticides, yet is powerful as a flea and tick remover or pets and your home. In fact, the product is being used in live stock farms since 2015.

Gnats, Aphids & Spider Mites

A plant safe formulation. A popular use in the cannibas industry Green Bean Buddy is safe to use on plants and works well for professionals growers to keep spider mites and aphids off plants.


A perfect roach killer due to its safe formula which is safe to use around food and on kitchen counters. It will kill roaches and the dry residual will prevent therm from coming back.

Dust Mites & Lice

A safe formula to use before bedtime and directly on sleeping areas. Green Bean Buddy treats against lice, dust mites to ensure your sleeping areas are safe without having leave after treatment.

1 Gallons - Treats Multiple Rooms

Residual Pest Control To Kill & Prevent Re-Infestations

Public Price: $97 Your Price: $85
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Elizabeth Bruscia AvatarElizabeth B.
Pam Phillips AvatarPam P.
Shirley Ann AvatarShirley A.
Green Bean Buddy is the best product I have ever seen worked the first time. - 6/09/2021 
Bed Bug Killer, Lice, Roach, Flea, and Tick Residual Treatment and Preventer, 1 Gallon Image
Bed Bug Killer, Lice, Roach, Flea, and Tick Residual Treatment and Preventer, 1 Gallon
Molly H AvatarMolly H.
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