Today’s weather is just too much to handle. I can’t get out, it’s freaking cold! My winter clothes that I used to wear before is not helping anymore. Is this the global warming we’ve all been dreading for?

Other parts of the world is also experiencing extreme cold weather like Manitoba that just got hit by a strong winter storm. Baltimore City already declared Code Blue weather advisory. Ugh! 

 I am always hype whenever winter came since I have the reason to wear some cute winter socks and my reliable cute gloves. But that’s not the case anymore because I can’t even hang out because I’m afraid I might catch a cold. Weather today is just so extreme!

Then I found these weird but useful winter wear...

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What I feel like putting on spring clothes after winter

Let’s have fun with the winter… since we all gain a few pounds during the cold. I know I do… so here’s a little funny cat that reminded me of what I felt like last winter.

The slice of white bread sweater...

Even ATAT have to go Pee Pee...

Ever heard of nose warmer?

Twitter / @DavidWaal

When wearing gloves is just too much...

Twitter / @AFRODIZZYdotCH Scarf with Pockets


Twiter /@Emmy4Mayim

Forget snuggies...

Twitter / @Marist_Art

This is super cozy...

Twitter / LindaAbrams1

2-in-1 for maximum comfort

Twittet / @jenNICK72 Sleeved Scarf

Heated slippers? Take my money!

Twitter @DanielleGiraffe

Full body sweater?

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