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This section allows you to see the communities common lice problems and solutions. You also have the ability to contribute to the conversation below in the comment section as our Green Bean Buddies will try to answer your questions as well.

But… before sending off your question be sure to review common scenarios or mistakes our clients make when using the Green Bean Buddy Lice Mist. This will ensure you properly use your product just as our hotel, hospital, and pest management professionals do.

Below are common questions we receive after our clients received their Lice Mist:

  • I don’t know where to start? 
  • We avoided head-to-head contact but why is my entire household got lice?
  • Will it damage my child’s scalp?
  • Where does my child gets lice
  • Do lice spread disease?
  • How would I know if the nit is alive, dead, or hatched
  • What can I do to prevent head lice?
If you have any question that is not yet answered here, you can ask your question by leaving a comment below. We have a kind community that is willing to help each other out. Always, remember we are all in this together.

I don't know where to start...

Dealing with lice can be overwhelming especially if the case is so bad, you really don’t know where and how to start.

A lot of first time user usually don’t know how to begin the treatment. They have so many questions in mind. One of them is the safety of their children. You see, lice is usually found on children that’s why we made sure that Lice Mist will be effective yet gentle on their scalp and hair.

We know what you’re going through and we are here to help and guide you. Green Bean Buddy’s community is the best when it comes to helping each other.

Section the hair to avoid being overwhelmed


How do I know it's lice?

Head lice can be confusing sometimes because it can sometimes look like just dirt or dandruff. Below is a video to guide you on how to know if it is lice or not.

Now that you know what lice looks like, we created a guide on how to inspect for lice. This guide will help you on the proper process of inspecting the hair for lice.

More questions about lice

How do lice spread?

Although lice can’t jump or fly, they can spread easily from person to person through head-to-head contact and can sometimes be by sharing clothing or personal items like hats, scarves, combs and other hair items.

Does poor hygiene attract head lice?

Some people always think that the reason why kids get head lice is because they are dirty. This is actually not true. Lice is attracted to human blood and not by dirty hair.

Will swimming kill head lice?

Swimming or submerging the hair in water will not kill head lice. Lice can strongly hold tight onto the hair because of their claws.

How to know if you have head lice?

The first symptom of having head lice is itchiness. If your head is itchy, we can assume that you already have lice for almost 2 weeks. You can check our detailed guide on what do lice feels like when you have.

Do head lice spread disease?

Head lice should be considered as health hazard as it does not spread disease. Although their presence can cause annoyance due to itchiness of loss of sleep.

Can head lice transfer to my couch, bed and linens?

Yes. That’s why we always recommend you to treat your home for lice as well. We have a guide on how to treat home for lice so you can avoid re-infestation.

Questions about Lice Mist

Is this product non-toxic?

Yes, Lice Mist is non-toxic because it is made from all natural ingredients and is very safe to use on kids.

What are the main ingredients of Lice Mist?

Our main ingredient is Leicitin which we personally created for our homeopathic lice treatment.

How long do I need to keep it in the hair? Do I need to wash it?

After you apply Lice Mist, you need to wait 5 – 10 minutes for it to dry. Then wash using Lice Mist shampoo.

Can my kids use Lice Mist?

Yes, we created Lice Mist with kids in mind. You can be sure that this is safe to use for kids.

What is the shelf life of Lice Mist?

Lice Mist can last up to 3 – 6 months. Just shake the bottle before use to mix the formula.

How often do you need to use Lice Mist?

You can treat lice using Lice Mist once, then retreat after 7 days.

I ran out of Lice Mist, can I order a refill?

If you need a re-treatment or just simply run out of Lice Mist, you can order our refill. You can use a special coupon code to get 12% discount since you are on this page. Use coupon code: REFILL

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