Windshield Snow Cover


+ Avoid The Dreaded Morning Labor Of Defrosting Your Windshield
+ Easy Setup: Place On Windshield, Insert Ears In Car, and Shut Door
+ Large Size To Fit Any Vehicle (Choose Dimensions Above)
+ Easy Storage: Shake Off Snow and Ice Then Fold and Place In Trunk
+ Used for Cold Winters and Hot Summers To Protect Your Vehicle
+ Made of Premium Metallic Reflective Polyester with Silver Coating
+ Blocks Up to 99% UV Rays


Protect your car and its windshield from snow. Our windshield snow cover is known to be good in anti-freeze performance. Protect your car from frost and rain. Easy to install. All you have to do is clamp the ears on both side of the door. Since it is fold-able, it is very convenient to store. It comes with a self-attached straps for easy storage.

Cost-effective since you can use this during summer and winter. Protects you against direct sunlight, provides your car with better protection. Light-proof without light leak. Can be used by 95% car models on the market.

During winter, it provides protection from frost and ice. Easy to clean helps avoid snow to fall directly on the glass.

Superior protection against sunlight, provides your car front window with an all-round protection in summer.

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Weight N/A
Interior Color



Premium Metallic Reflective Polyester

Exterior Color



Universal Silver Color Coating Portable Car Sun Shade


Easy to install, can be fold and portable.


Universal fit


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