Waterproof Outdoor Gloves for Men and Women

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+ Works On Touchscreens
+ Very warm and lightweight to wear
+ Zipper design, easy to put on and take off and adjust fitting
+ Top grade rubber materials for anti-slip design on palm
+ High quality thick neoprene windproof material for keeping warm



Do you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, driving, skiing, shooting and other outdoor adventure? or you just want to sit and play with your smartphone and tablet devices inside your home?

Would you like to do the next activity you think of geared with the perfect accessory you could ever asked for? Look no further as we introduce you our Windstopper Climate-Adaptive All-In-One Outdoor Gloves. The perfect outdoor gloves for both men and women to stay warm and active. It was designed with variety of color, windproof material and fleece material to make it easy for your hands to breathe naturally and keeps you warm and in style at the same time.

Its highly durable soft material gives an increased comfortability and grip and reduces hand discomfort and calluses. It fits perfectly for your grip and extremely wear-resistant.

Waterproof Gloves

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 7 in

Purple, Orange, Dark Blue, Black Bear


M, L, XL, S

2 reviews for Waterproof Outdoor Gloves for Men and Women

  1. Janet Scarbrough

    Like many features of this glove. I do recommend them and am happy to have them. I would have easily gave a 5 star if there was a thin warming liner in them. Perfect from wind and rain protection. Long cold exposure you will need more. I actually slipped on a thin knit glove first and then I felt like I had a perfect glove in the colder weather climate.

    • Green Bean Buddy

      Thank you for the kind review. Glad you enjoyed your gloves, these gloves are very popular with our customers especially during this very cold winter we are having this year. Stay warm and thanks for being a customer!

  2. DJ

    Fits well but not at all waterproof. Disappointed

    • Green Bean Buddy

      Hi DJ, thanks for the review. These gloves do pretty well with keeping water off due to the windproof and waterproof exterior, just curious if could you share specifically how water is getting into the glove so we can pass it along to our designers. Thanks.

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