USB Desktop Aquaponics Aquarium

$93.20 $74.56

USB Desktop Aquaponics Aquarium

$93.20 $74.56

+ Easy to install and comes with the necessary accessories to assemble the mini water garder
+ Safe to use and envrionmental friendly
+ Arc designed side acts like a lens, bending and magnifying the inside scenery and fishes
+ Root from the plants absorbs nutrients from fish waste and cleans the water at the same time
+ Free to DIY the mini water garden and decorate it as you wish

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Beautiful mini aquaphonics ecosystem that you cannot take your eyes off and also an awesome gift idea. This fish tank is easier to maintain than the conventional one because the roots from the plants absorbs fish waste and cleans the water at the same time. It circulates the water thus there is no need to change water often.

Nice to put on your office desk, nightstand, dormitory, reading room or your child’s room. Suitable for fish like goldfish, beta fish, guppies, koi and other smaller freshwater fish. Create a space where you can relax by just looking at it and that is what is nice about this fish tank. It is aesthetically pleasing and and great way to distress, too. Forget to tedious work of changing the water every now and then because all you have to do is put a hydroponic plant on the plant pot of the fish tank and it will do the job of absorbing the waste of the fish.


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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions28 × 22 × 18 in


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