Star Ceiling Light Kit, 150 strips Per Kit

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+ Easy to set up and very low maintenance needed
+ Provides easier light access and is moisture proof
+ Environmental friendly and produces no heat
+ Package includes 150pcs optical fiber cable
+ Comes with a remote control to easily change the color


Make a room looks like it is filled with stars by using our Star Ceiling Light Kit. Each kit comes with a 150 strips fiber optic lights. Easy to use and install. It uses RGBW lamp beads, have pure white, High brightness, energy saving, long use life. Our fiber optic lights has low power consumption and not even producing heat. Decorate your child’s room ceiling with these awesome fiber optic lights. They will definitely love as it gives a roomy feeling and make it looks like the stars are within their reach.  This can also be used to decorate a restaurant or a bar. Set up the mood depending on the different colors available. The possibilities are endless.

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Weight 0.17 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 in
Item Type

Optic Fiber Lights

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