Silicone Lid Spill Stopper


+ Safe material using food grade silicone
+ Super large! Diameter is 11.22in
+ Unbreakable
+ Can fit different sizes of pots
+ Must have kitchen item!
+ Random Color (Red/Green)


Use our silicone lid spill stopper whenever you cook liquid food. When you’re cooking liquid food, put this lid over the pan without worrying that the bubbling foam will flow everywhere. Perfect to use when you want to avoid splashing and cooking oil droplets. With its large size of 11.22 in, it can be used for large pots or small pot. Non-stick and very easy to clean. Can withstand high temperature ranging from 40 to 230 degree Celsius. Can also be place in oven, microwave or fridge.

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Weight 1 lbs


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