Fabric Seedling Bags for Grow Kits, 100 bags

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+ Made of degradable material, it has no environmental pollution and eco-friendly
+ Ideal for plant germination and seedling, great for transplanting
+ High seedling survival rate, fast growth
+ Can be used as a protection net for fruits against birds and insects
+ Infuse wellness into your home and life – Watch Video How It Started


These Nursery Pots Seedling Raising Fabric Bags are made of biodegradable non-woven material, no need to remove the bag when transplanting. They can be melted in water. No environmental pollution and eco-friendly. Nursery Pots Seedling Raising Fabric Bags effectively improve the seedling breeding of various resistance and growth rate.

Package Included:
100 x Nursery Pots Seedling Raising Fabric Bags

How to use:
1. Transplant seedlings into the bag, and place it on the ground.
2. When the seedlings grow up, they can be put into the ground or in the Aeration Fabric Pots.
3. If you need to transplantduring the period, the root outside the bag can be directly cut out and will not hurt the plant.

Please Note:
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