Portable Pump Sprayer with Dynamic Nozzle, 68oz


+ Brass Nozzle for High Pressure or Misting
+ Holds roughly 68 ounces
+ Two spray states, water column and umbrella state
+ Made of highly durable and strong ABS plastic material


This High End Pump Sprayer’s ergonomic design enables high comfortability and will fit perfectly to your hand. Easy to pump with an adjustable spray nozzle allowing dynamic spraying. High End Pump Sprayer is made from high quality ABS plastic material for better durability. Perfect for your garden, car cleaning, pest control and home use.

– Automatic safety relief valve
– Effort press handle
– High quality nozzle
– Non-slip handle
– Imported ABS plastic material

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Additional information

Weight 0.39 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 29 × 46 in


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