Playbulb Bluetooth Smart Outdoor Speaker LED Light

Playbulb Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Speaker RGB LED Light

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+ Solar-powered, automatically turns on at night time and off on daytime
+ Elegant design for table top or in ground use
+ Stylish and creative, choose from a variety of colors to set the mood
+ PC lampshade, light uniformity, minimize dark areas
+ Water Resistant, can be used outdoors and indoors

Estimated Delivery on 13, March 2018


Playbulb Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Speaker RGB LED Light is controlled by an APP on your smart phone devices thru Bluetooth connection, which means you don’t have to go near it just to change the music or turn it on/off. Ideal for swimming pool sides, yard/garden, floor/stairs. A wide selection of colors to choose from, so you can change colors and dim it to desired brightness for a better and more-friendly ambiance. Can be used both as a daily LED light or for special purposes due to its multi-functional design, easy installation and stable performance.


• Solar Powered
– Purely driven by solar power, it is as GREEN as your garden. Once it is fully-charged, it can operate up to 20 hours. With built-in light sensor, it turns on automatically when it gets dark while turns off when it is bright enough.

• Water Resistant
– Classified by Integrity Protection Rating IP56, it is water resistant for indoor or outdoor use. No worry for spilling water or unfavorable weather conditions.

• Perfect Compatibility
– Compatible with most smart phones, tablets, PCs/Laptops, and other devices with bluetooth 2.0 and above.

• Surround Sound
– The combination of the speaker and light creates a 3D surround stereo which makes you immersive.

• Easy Installation
– Extensible monopod allows more flexibility for installation. Simply connect the accompanying monopod and it’s easy to push into grass. You can also remove the monopod if you just want to place the light directly on the ground or other place.

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Additional information

Weight 0.65 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 4 in
Protection Level


Solar Cell Type

Lithium Battery


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