Ninebot Segway Scooter Seat for ES1, ES2, ES4

From: $197.50

+ Foldable and Lightweight
+ More Steady with Damping Design
+ Safe and Reliable
+ Adjustable Seat Height


For the consideration of long-distance riding comfort, the seat tailored for the Ninebot series electric scooter came into being, and integrated with the scooter, continuing the simple design and more practical.After 300,000 times of load vibration test and improve, more stable and reliable for your ride. The seat cushion is made of high-quality elastic foam sponge, which is soft and elastic. It adopts leather surface coating process, which can effectively avoid the aging reaction caused by direct contact between leather surface and foaming, and improve the service life of the seat cushion. Installation is simple, no drilling, does not hurt the scooter body;Tilt design, to avoid the collapse of the scooter after the overlap; Folding one-button lock design, gently press then it will open.(If the scooter is equipped with an external battery, the seat can still be installed, but it will affect the folding, please know before buying.)

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Weight 2 lbs

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