Mini Electric Heater Fan

From: $30.75

Mini Electric Heater Fan

From: $30.75

+ Portable and lightweight, easily put into a bag
+ Adjustable support, convenient to place on the desktop
+ Thermal design at the back to extend the service life
+ High temperature flame retardant material, effectively separating heat and using safer


From: $38.44 From: $30.75

From: $38.44 From: $30.75


This Mini Electric Heater Fan can keep you warm at home, at the office or wherever you are. Mini Electric Heater Fan is portable and lightweight, it is designed ideally to be placed on desk.  With two (2) cute designs to choose from, this Mini Electric Heater Fan can also be used as decoration. Made from high quality ABS material, this heater fan’s service will surely last long.

1. Before using it, please make sure the voltage is consistent with the fan.
2. Do not cover vent.
3. When using, do not touch the outlet to avoid burns.
4. After use, turn off the switch.
5. Do not use it in humid environments.
6. Do not allow children to use the machine alone.

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Additional information

Weight0.65 lbs
Dimensions15 × 10 × 17 in


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