Mens Leather Sheepskin Winter Gloves


Mens Leather Sheepskin Winter Gloves


+ Touchscreen compatible
+ Firm suture line,tough stitching
+ Available in different sizes, S, M, L
+ Beautifully crafted gloves that will only better with age
+ Best gift of choice


$60.99 $29.99

$60.99 $29.99
Arrives in 5 to 20 Business Days
Arrives in 5 to 20 Business Days
Arrives in 5 to 20 Business Days


With outer fabric of 100% genuine sheepskin leather and inner layer of wool(50%) and polyester(50%) of these winter leather gloves so your hands will not feel the chill or the wind.These are warm lining gloves are versatile and very fashionable. You can wear them for driving ,dress, occasion wear or outdoor winter activities.

These mens winter gloves are soft,comfy and warm but not bulky, allowing you freedom of movement.Touchscreen gloves are capable of THUMB, INDEX Fingers which are good for typing or texting on your smartphone or tablet while keep your hands warm in the cold whether. Our genuine leather gloves are incredibly durable and waterproof so it will last for years with the proper care.

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Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions30 × 18 × 2 in


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