Meditation Tree Crystal Reiki Stone Pendant with Chain

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+ Calmness balanced adjacent to your heart
+ Reiki stones for vibratory healing energy for chakra balancing
+ Clears energy blockages and raises your inner power & strength
+ Hand crafted each having own unique design
+ Craftsmen discovered from our expedition in Peru and Asia
+ Infuse wellness into your home and life – Watch Video How It Started


Place beauty, power, and calmness close to your heart with this Reiki stone pendent and necklace. Display your inner energy with this symbolic tree of power. This piece was introduced to us during from our expeditions to remote locations in Peru and Asia from healing alchemists who shared these handcrafted artwork to help increase your overall vibratory healing using the earths natural stones.

Please Note:

+ All healing alchemists design each one uniquely, no two alike
+ You can check your orders delivery status within our tracking system and with our live support team.

We are proud of these items and appreciate your interest and look forward to infusing wellness into your life and home.


Our Story and Mission of Infusing Wellness Into Your Life:

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Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 58 × 8 in


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