Magic Defrost Thawing Mat

From: $30.48

Magic Defrost Thawing Mat

From: $30.48

+ Defrosting made easy
+ Time saver
+ Must have kitchen tool
+ Made from premium quality
+ Natural and safe to use
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From: $38.10 From: $30.48

From: $38.10 From: $30.48
Arrives in 5 to 20 Business Days
Arrives in 5 to 20 Business Days
Arrives in 5 to 20 Business Days


We all have to face the one problem in the kitchen sometime in our life, to wait forever for the meat to be defrosted to cook. Not anymore! Our thawing mat is uniquely designed defrosting tray and will magically defrost your frozen meat faster than ever. No electricity, no chemicals or heating. Simply take out meat you want to cook out of the fridge and put it on the tray and watch the magic happens. It is super simple to use and even simpler to clean. Save you all the hassle you have to deal with before to cook a family fiesta. Less time in the kitchen, more time with family. Material: Dishwasher Safe Aluminium. Dimensions: 29.5×20.8×0.2cm/11.6″x8.2″x0.1″(Length+Width+Height)

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Weight0.23 lbs
Dimensions36 × 21 × 1 in


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