Lava Stone Bracelet with Crown or Helmet Charm, Men and Women


+ 8mm Lava Rock Beads Bracelet
+ Comfortable to Wear
+ Suitable for Men and Women
+ They are Natural wishing healing stones
+ The polished lava spheres carry good weight which provides a very stable feel on the wrist
+ The lava stones can also absorb your favorite essential oils!


Lava rock beads are porous, they can absorb essential oils well and diffuse slowly. Place a drop of your favorite essential oil on one of the lava rock beads on the bracelet so that you can smell the essential oil all day long. Enjoy the aromatherapy. Gift for yourself or makes a great gift for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, graduation or just a surprise to him/her. The bracelet consists of 8mm spheres and has a 18cm circumference. (We’ve found this is the best one-size-fits-all size)

Please Note:
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Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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