Laser Light Projector, Voice Activated


+ Brilliant colorful light beams, it will make your room magical and wonderful
+ Made of high quality aluminom alloy with built-in fan
+ The lights dance / flashing to the music beat
+ Easy to choose single colors or multi-colored by the sensitivity remote control
+ With a tripod and light stage remote control, convenient to place it in any place, move bright colored rays


Here is our Christmas laser projector to level up every party or occasion! It has red and green lights that can play along with the rhythm of any music. The lights dance / flashing to the music beat (under sound activated music mode), which is so wonderful! Let’s dance crazy at the party. It can light up living room for karaoke or dancing, set the mood when drinking with friends or listening to music, make a soothing water-like effects for kids’ bedroom or playroom, turn any lame environment into an underwater.

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Additional information

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 9 in

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