Large Comfy Heated Foot Warmers and Slippers


+ Pink leopard cat-pad USB foot warmer
+ Super fashionable and cute appearance
+ Fast heating technology provides unparalleled warmth
+ Protects the foot from bad circulation
+ Removable inner lining for easy cleaning


Cute paw style USB foot warmer, Kawaii and exquisite design, soft and comfortable plush material, excellent touch feeling. It adopts high-tech heating material, safe and reliable. They will keep your feet warm when you use the detachable USB cable to plug them into your PC or other USB port. Quick heating, the usual temperature is 28.5 Fahrenheit, it will reach 46 Fahrenheit after a few minutes by connecting the power, it is very comfortable. It can used as general slipper, just unzip the zipper, and take out the heat tablets. It can be also used as hand warmer. The heating shoes can make you no longer fear of cold and are also fine gifts for you for Thanksgiving Day, holidays, Valentine’s day and more

Size: 36*30*12cm approx., the soft vamp and the thick warm-keeping filling cotton enables shoes to be very elastic and suitable for feet with different sizes

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 8 in


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