Hanging Kitchen Spice Rack, No Screws or Drills Needed


Hanging Kitchen Spice Rack, No Screws or Drills Needed


+ No screws, bolts or drilling… adhesive sticks to any surface
+ Great addition for your kitchen in organizing spices
+ Flexible clamps to fit different kinds of jar
+ Made of high quality PP material
+ Attached with strong adhesive pad for better wall grip
+ Suitable for hanging on any smooth surface wall


$14.94 $11.95

$14.94 $11.95


Save space and organize your spices on the wall with this Kitchen Spice Rack That Sticks To Surface. Consist of two (2) pieces pair of clamps, a total of four (4) clamps. Kitchen Spice Rack That Sticks To Surface is made from high quality plastic material and attached with a high quality adhesive for long lasting adhesion to any smooth surface. Neatly organize your spices just the way you like it.

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Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 in


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