5-in-1 Ceramic Interchangeable Curling Iron


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+ Ceramic tourmaline technology preserves moisture and protects cuticle
+ 360 degree swivel power cord
+ 5pcs interchangeable curling iron offers 5 different ceramic barrels of different shape and sizes
+ Professional tourmaline ceramics heat technology (PTC), heat up and heat down fastly
+ Temperature can be adjusted, the highest temperature up to 210 degrees


This 5 in 1 tapered curling wand with 5 differently sized barrels indulges your hair. Enjoy the luxury of delicately woven curls or bold, buoyant ones. Sensuous curls are in! 30 seconds is all you need to set this tapered curling iron in action. The clip-less Teflon barrels turn your hair into distinct shiny curls to flaunt for long. Are you ready to enthrall? Professional tourmaline ceramic technology help to seal moisture into your hair and protects each cuticle. This will keep your hair safe and smooth with shiny curls lasting all day long. The temperature varies from 150℃(302℉) to 210℃(410℉) by push the “1” button to use lower temperature for fine and soft hair; push the “2” button, use higher temperature for thick and stiff hair. The curling wand barrel set is made of high quality PTC+ pottery coating, the handle is made of PET and the cord is UL certified.

How to use:
Select a strand of hair to place in a curl.
Place the base of the curling iron handle near the scalp or your head with the tip facing down.
Wrap the hair from the base of the curling iron to the tip in a downward direction.
Hold the around the curler for 2-5 seconds.
Without pulling the curling iron down, release the hair from the tip allowing the hair to slide out.
Slide the curling iron out of the hair.

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Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 12 × 6 in


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