Smart Instant Electric Water Heater With Shower Nozzle

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+ Built-in Thermostat
+ Safe and Intelligent
+ 0.1 Second Automatic Power Off
+ Automatically Detects Boot
+ Automatic Pressure Relief Drain
+ Automatic Over-Temperature Protection
+ Built-in Dual Anti-Grid
+ Stainless Steel Hose


Fast heating feature. No need to preheat, turn on the tap to reach the temperature you want. It just needs 3 seconds to make the water hot. No need to wait. Made to last. Durable and Anti-corrosion because it is made from high quality tempered glass and galvanized materials. Has a large screen display with touch feature for ease of use. Electric heating wire with nanon electric heating film. Safe and intelligent. With automatic power off function. It automatically power off when it leaks for 0.1 second. You don’t have to worry about electric shock when bathing. Heating will stop when there is no water flow. This effectively extends the service life.

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Weight 1 lbs
Storage / Tankless

Instant / Tankless

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Wall Mounted

Control Mode


Energy Efficiency Grade

Grade One



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