Giant Support & Nursing Pillow For New Moms


+ Large size of U-shaped pillow with ergonomic design, comfortable for use
+ Suitable for pregnant women, the mother and side sleeper
+ Can be used as a back cushion, soft and practical
+ Multiple support areas design can provide effective protection
+ The internal part with zipper design, can be removed and you can adjust the height according to your own needs
+ Curved end design can keep the leg separate naturally
+ Size: 27.5 x 51in


The maternity body pillow creates a comfortable position for sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV and breastfeeding. Unique polyester filling without smelling provides comfortable for side sleeping and retains fluffiness for better performance and longer use. Comfort 2 in 1 pillow follow the natural shape of the pregnancy mom,designed to contour the entire body to follow the natural curved shape of your body,enjoy a restful and relaxing night’s sleep. This all-in-one body pillow also helps side sleepers, offers belly, arm & neck support, and helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, lower back pain, ankle pain, and more. upper-removable cotton pillow cover is machine-washable, hypoallergenic, contains zero phthalates/latex/lead and is BPA-free.

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Additional information

Weight 1.33 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 30 × 15 in


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