Full Mask Snorkel Set with GoPro Holder

From: $27.00

+ See Everything Underwater – Magnification Viewing Glass
+ Easy Breathing – Using Mouth or Nose!
+ Comfortable – Soft Cushion Surrounds Inside Mask
+ No Blowing Out Water of Snorkel – floatable ball seals snorkel valve
+ Kids Absolutely Love – Great for New Swimmers
+ GoPro Ready – Attached GoPro or any action camera
+ Includes Mask with Snorkel, Ear Plugs, and Attachment for Camera



Full face snorkel mask with 180° view and already integrated with GoPro mount to easily capture every moment underwater. An amazing new diving technology which you can deep dive and not worry about spitting out water from your tube. The patented snorkel system uses a ball that floats upon water hitting it. This seals the valve immediately preventing any water getting into your breathing apparatus.

The glass is magnified like the aquarium glass you see in theme park aquariums. A great stress free way of enjoying the underwater scenery. Also easily add your Go Pro camera to the top of mask to film everything.

This kit includes:

Mask, with Snorkel Attachment that Clicks Right In Place, (2) Diving Ear Plugs, and Circular Bolt to Attach Go Pro Camera

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Weight 0.52 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in

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