Fruit Cutter & Holder


+ Must have kitchen gadget
+ Quick and easy to use and clean
+ Made from high duty plastic material
+ Creative design
+ Eco-friendly and non-toxic


With this tomato slicer,you’ll create perfect tomato slices every time. This kind of fruit and vegetable slicer assistant is designed to be novel, beautiful, bright colored, easy to operate, safe and reliable. Add the tomato slicer along each gap from the top down then you could cut it into pieces. Also great for potatoes, onions and more. This tool is dishwasher safe. Fits easily in a kitchen drawer. Protects fingers against injuries, comes with tongs which facilitate a secure grip, helps cut to perfection. It can be used to peel apples, potatoes, carrots, etc. Can be use on tomato, lemon, potatoes, onions, all round fruits and vegetable.

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Weight 1 lbs

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