Exquisite Lace Black Masquerade Mask

From: $5.99

Exquisite Lace Black Masquerade Mask

From: $5.99

+ Pretty & Unique, embroidered lace material with different designs
+ Each mask is lightweight and flexible, like actually wearing lace on your face
+ Perfect for variety of purposes, like Halloween, masquerades, parties, events and more occasions
+ Have satin ribbons to tie them on to your face, easy and comfortable to wear
+ These are really perfect gift for your friends and families


$7.95 From: $5.99

$7.95 From: $5.99


Be classy and mysterious with this exquisite lace masquerade mask. Choose from wide variety of design that actually suites your style.

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Weight0.04 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in


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