Energy Efficient Electric Room and Garage Heater


Energy Efficient Electric Room and Garage Heater


+ Attractive modern design compliments the look of your living space
+ Utilizes radiant as well as convection methods of heating
+ With 1200 – 2000W of convection heating power – heats up to 100 square feet
+ Save up to 50% on your heating bill by only heating the spaces that are in use
+ No moving parts = No sound. Perfect for your bedroom, office, or reading/study space
+ Dual security protection with its built-in thermostat


$2,499.99 $1,221.72

$2,499.99 $1,221.72


The air circulation flow generated by the electric heater distributes the heat evenly in the indoor space, avoiding the drying conditions due to the accumulation of heat, and the heating process is not windy and thus very comfortable. With convection principle, the heating effeciency is improved. And with Fe-Cr-Al alloy heating element, the heat sink rises to 120 degree in just 72 seconds.

Ease of use with its double gear design. Set the high and low heating mode by switching freely between 1000W and 2000W heating power. No noise, no wind. There is no noise generated by mechanical vibration because of automatic heat dissipation using air flow.

Dual security protection. The built in thermostat automatically shuts off the power when the body temperature exceeds 85 degree, and the built-in protection switch automatically shits off when the body tilts more than 45 degree. Now with metal fuselage. Complete machine through the RoHS Environmental Protection certification. The use of 0.6mm high-quality galvanized plate, strong and durable, the use of high-temperature environmental protection electrostatic spray layer, no formaldehyde and odor.

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Weight6.4 lbs
Dimensions78 × 48 × 13 in


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