Cute Cable Organizer and Hider


+ Cute cartoon cord winder/organizer
+ No more tied headsets/charger cable
+ Perfect cable organizer
+ Made of high quality material
+ Save time from untangling cables


Are you one of those people who get irritated by your messy cables? Or no patience of unwinding them? Worry no more because we got you now! Roll up those cables using our cute cable winder/organizer. Have them color code based on your preference for easy identifying what cable to use. Yellow organizer for your earphones, pink for charger, etc. You can also assign a character for a specific cable! It’s up to you! But now, you can save time from untangling your cables because it is now organized!

Easily find your cable and immediately use them without the need to spend extra time. Available in different colors and design.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 2 in


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